Rumbling Thunder & Attachments




I stepped out of the home where I was caring for some cats to the lovely sky in the first picture. In the distance I could hear thunder rumbling. We have had ten days of high heat and humidity so a few rumbles of thunder marking the arrival of a cold front was not unexpected. I do enjoy listening to a rolling thunder. It reminds me of summers of my youth. I drove home to care for my landlords dogs only to find the one dog hunkered down in the shower as he does when he knows a storm is approaching-he is the best barometer. I know when thunder and lighting is coming long before the weather channel alerts me just based on when Max the dog heads to the shower. Misha the other dog joined me on the screened porch to listen to the thunder.

It has been almost a year now since I was let go of a farm job as I did not want to give up my pet sitting or other part time job nor live on the farm. At first I was quite upset over losing job as I had been there for nine years-working every weekend. I was quite attached to the animals, my paycheck and my routine. However, now that a year has past and I have had my weekends free for the first time in twenty five years I found that I enjoy my weekends-being able to travel, hang out, sleep in or do nothing. After getting over the fear and poor me attitude I originally had I now have found I have many more pet sitting jobs that far exceed the farm income, I have less stress and still care for others horses, chickens, goats and sheep. I do miss the animals at the farm and think of them often.

I have always loved praying mantis and can watch them for hours. They way they move it seems as if they interact with you and have intelligence. Some people are terrified of them but I an fascinated by them.

Have you ever been attached to something or a situation only to realize later it was best to let it go?

I hope you have a wonderful Monday!

4 thoughts on “Rumbling Thunder & Attachments

  1. I live in the same area and I fail to look for the beauty you see. I enjoy coming here to read ur blog, enjoy the photos, and remember to slow down. I sometimes look at ur photos n just stand there in the photo no matter where I might be. You keep a safe haven open in my life with your blogs. Thanks a million

    • Thank you. I really appreciate that. I am learning from advice given to me a while back about making changes in my life. I have followed that and it has made such a difference. And I love taking pictures.

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