A Talking Tree & A Pirate



I am happy to be home again!! So happy I took a picture of where I usually write and unwind at night. I sit on the couch, look at the Stubbs horse print, sometimes listen to music, sometimes watch tv and other times write in silence or just sit in silence. I love being home again. Being with my books, my animal prints, meditation area and views I have come to love. I looked out my bedroom window and caught sight of a tree I often talk to. It is the only tree whose bark I can currently see among all the foliage. I tell the tree a lot of things and sometimes I swear the tree speaks back. Not that it answers me but it tells it’s own story. It is older than I am, wiser than me and perhaps I have lived alone too long but I enjoyed looking out my window and seeing it again today and listening to what it had to say.

I had two encounters in the past two days that made me smile as I witnessed them. The first occurred as I was coming out of the post office heading to my car. I passed two mothers and their children. One little boy was happily pulling a toy I had not seen in years. It was the dog pull toy where the dog has leather ears that flap on the ground as you pull the toy along. I never cared for it as a child but now I get it. This boy was totally into his toy and walking proudly down the street. I was entranced with the dogs ears flapping on the ground. Both families were happy.

The second instance I was sitting at a stop light watching two small children pet a pit bull that a man was walking through town. The dog was happy, the kids were delighted and then everyone went on their way. It was then I caught sight of the little boy’s pirate sword and shield-decorated quite fiercely. He marched down the street with his mother and sister waving his shield. I wanted to get out and follow him he was having so much fun. Sometimes I think we forget to have fun as adults and have every minute of every day filled up to the top with things to do. I have taken the weekend off from all work myself, starting with Friday. I thought I needed a break and to have a bit of fun.

I think I may go out and take more photos, bird watch, star watch if the skies clear and maybe see what other fun I can get into.

I hope you find time to have a little bit of fun in your weekend! I would love to hear what fun you like to have if you would like to share. Happy Saturday.

4 thoughts on “A Talking Tree & A Pirate

  1. I love you joy you find in everyday life Becca. Fun this weekend, I slept late on Saturday and read, nothing much else and it was, well, not fun exactly, but just what I needed.

    • Thank you. I sometimes hear so much negativity every day that I try to make it a point to seek out what makes me smile. Your weekend sounds relaxing-sometimes it is what we need to sleep in, read and hang out. Thanks for sharing. I appreciate it.

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