A Weekend of Clouds & Thunder




When I woke up yesterday morning it was darker than it should have been and then I heard the rumble of thunder and rain started pouring down. Since I was on day two of my mini vacation I stayed in bed and listened to the rain and thunder. We really need the rain. When it did stop raining I ran outside to weed a spot of an old garden patch I had not gotten to yet this year. So needless to say the weeds and grass were two feet high.

I enjoyed the quiet of the day and let the day unfold as it may. After weeding I read the paper, read quite a few magazines, lit some candles-I love to burn candles, and then listened to some radio. I love Cartalk and Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me. Cartalk reminds me of my childhood home in Massachusetts with the the guys New England accent-i never picked up the accent. I was born in Baltimore as were my parents. I also like a show at night called Snap Judgement. Near dusk I went outside to look at the sky, watch the birds and relish the lovely breeze blowing through. I was treated to purple martins and chimney swifts swooping and diving still feeding on insects in midair. I watched dragonflies flit around. A family of baby bunnies moved from an open field into a meadow of tall grass after being buzzed by a red tailed hawk. I was hoping to hear some owls but I did not. I wish I could take bird and wildlife pictures like a fellow blogger does in Kentucky. He takes the most amazing pictures that take ones breath away. It seems like on a day I see birds and observe their activity he posts pictures of the same birds the next day. One day I hope to get a good camera and take pictures as he does. I saw a deer crossing part of a pond where I live and wished I could have taken a picture. It was pretty neat to see. The deer was eating some of the water plants and the foliage around the pond.

The pictures I posted today I took just prior to a storm arriving. I heard a rumble of thunder and ran outside to take some pictures. I love the clouds. I just love when they start building and towering. Typically we do not get the fierce storms they get in the Midwest and tornado alley where the clouds really build up. The contrast of the blue, white and gray always catches my eye.

All in all it has been a lovely weekend off. A nice time for rest, reflection and a little bit of goofing off. I hope you all had a nice weekend and wish you the best as you start your week.

5 thoughts on “A Weekend of Clouds & Thunder

  1. I love Car Talk and Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me! Just hearing those guys laugh makes me laugh. I will miss them when they go off the air, although I understand NPR will air old shows of theirs.

    My husband and I had a wonderful weekend, as for the start of the week, house cleaning today, oh well………

    Enjoy your week!

    • I’ll miss Cartalk too. I listen to their cd’s when I have long trips to make in the car. Isn’t it great to get some house cleaning done? I always feel better after. I usually do mine before going away though. Kind of quirky. Thanks for posting I always enjoying hearing from you.

  2. I love listening to Car Talk and Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me too! Every Saturday. Those guys make me laugh just hearing them laugh. I’ll miss them when they go off the air in September, although I think NPR is going to keep airing their old shows.
    Started the week off with major house cleaning, hoping for a lazy day tomorrow. Enjoy your week too!

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