Comforts of Home





The last few nights we have had some fairly strong thunderstorms. I saw last night’s storm flashing behind the clouds as I was preparing to leave work. It was quite beautiful. In the five minutes it took me to drive home the heavens opened up-the rain came down in sheets and the lighting was so frequent and so close I was too frightened to get out of my car to run to my house ten feet away. I stayed in my car for half an hour listening to the radio and watching the light show. It was spectacular. The lighting was hitting off the river in front of me, the ponds behind me and the fields all around me. There were so many flashes every second my eyes did not have time to adjust. The whole time I was driving home I was thinking how nice it would be to be inside and safe-curled up with a book. Instead I was in my car. I was thankful I had protection and was not out in the storm.

The top picture is taken in my kitchen and has some of my favorite things-my cd/radio player, my grandmother’s lamp, Maria Wulf’s potholders, chickens, cookbooks and art work. And just the simple fact it is the kitchen. I love to cook. I have fond memories of my grandmothers cooking, my mom and dad cooking and all the cooking at our family reunions.

The second picture is my favorite things table in my bedroom. My grandfather made the table. I love books and candles. One of my secret loves is poetry. I recently acquired a fabulous pumpkin pin cushion from Jane McMillen. Her pin cushions are great!

The bottom picture looks into my bedroom from the kitchen but what I was trying to get in the picture was the chair in the kitchen. We always had a chair or stool in the kitchen that invited one to sit down and chat with whoever was in the kitchen. My grandparents had it too as do some of my cousins. I love carrying on the tradition. I love nothing better than chatting in the kitchen.

After last night’s storm I just wanted to give thanks to the comforts of home. I love my home wherever it may be. I hope you enjoy your weekend.

6 thoughts on “Comforts of Home

  1. Thanks for inviting me into your home. I am flattered to have my pincushions amongst your favorite things! I love your bright colored quilt and Maria’s potholders…and your grandmother’s lamp and the table your grandfather made…it looks to be nice and homey and personal! I do think our special treasures makes a house a home and surround us with memories and love! Thank you! jane mcmillen

    • Thanks Jane! I really love your pin cushion. The really bright quilt was made by Maria too. Hard to believe just a few years ago I had all drab and gray colors. I fear color no more! I have tried to live like a minimalist but found I need my homey things around me to make me feel better. I’m so happy you check out my blog. Many thanks!

    • Thanks. Growing up we had an old milk can in the kitchen to sit on. My Mom has a stool in her kitchen now. I broke ranks and put a chair with a back in mine. I love chatting in the kitchen. It always seems so much more relaxed.

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