Five Plus Inches of Rain & One Brave Moth





When I fell asleep last night it was stormy-lots of thunder and lighting. It woke me up a number of times until dawn. It has not stopped storming yet almost eighteen hours later. Every time I thought the storm was rolling away lighting would flash and thunder would boom. Rain came down in sheets. My poor little town got between five and nine inches of rain. It closed many streets and some people had to be rescued from their vehicles due to swift rising waters and in one case someone who thought their car was a boat. I stayed inside and hunkered down.

I was in awe of the lighting. I watched it come down in magnificent streaks and bolts from the clouds to the ground. I saw it go cloud to cloud and a few times it hit so close I am not sure where it hit. I was just blinded by the flash. The thunder included a few seat rumblers but all in all the thunder was not too bad. The lighting though along with the rain was unreal. I could hear the electricity in the lighting a few times when it hit. I watched the rain come down in waves.

As I watched the storm the little moth in the second picture caught my eye. He clung to my window underneath an overhang out of the rain and bravely hung on in the winds. He stayed there for about three hours. During one of the reprieves in the weather he left. He really struck a chord with me for some reason.

I ran outside briefly when I saw the sun shine even though it was still storming. I was hoping to get a rainbow but I was too scared to step out so I shot the bottom picture from my door. Shortly after the sun was swallowed by the storm. I have a very healthy respect for lighting.

I included the pictures of the candles as I was prepared if the electricity went off which it never did. But one of my favorite sayings is “It is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness.”

I hope you had a great weekend and are safe wherever you are. I know the weather has been funky all over lately.

2 thoughts on “Five Plus Inches of Rain & One Brave Moth

  1. Isn’t it strange how your area gets five to nine inches of rain, some are getting none at all and are desperate! Too bad we cant’ find a way to spread it out! Here we are not as dry but still could use much more rain, and hopefully lots of snow come winter! We did have a good weekend, our town has it’s annual corn roast festival, which features, what else, lots of delicious corn! On Saturday we have the corn roast parade downtown. To me it is what small town living is all about, I love it! So many turn out, and have so much fun!
    Enjoy your week, send some rain our way!

    • It is strange. It’s hit or miss living near the Chesapeake Bay whether or not we will get rain. It just depends where the wind is blowing. Two towns away had only an inch of rain. We were under drought conditions until this rain.
      A corn roast festival sounds like great fun! Around here they have seafood festivals with the occasional tomato festival.

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