From Sunrise to Sunset





The dogs I’m caring for had me up early this morning and in time to see the sunrise. A rarity for a night owl like me. But it was beautiful and I felt inspired, so after feeding the dogs I headed out to take some pictures.

There was a fog lifting off the river and I heard a workboat chugging in the distance. In a few short months the river will be filled with geese and bufflehead ducks. Right now on the river I have been seeing Great Blue Herons, cormorants, and a few sea gulls. I often wonder what fish are jumping when I hear a splash.

A friend sent me the bottom picture of tonight’s sunset. I wasn’t able to take one due to work tonight but he sent me this one. I thought it was a nice picture for the end of a day.

I hope you have a happy weekend. I hope to catch this morning’s pass of the International Space Station. I enjoy hearing from everyone and thank you all for taking the time to read my blog. I know they are millions of blogs out there and I am happy and humbled that you read mine. Many thanks!! Namaste.

6 thoughts on “From Sunrise to Sunset

  1. Beautiful pictures Becca! I saw a Great Blue Heron this morning too! Always makes my morning!
    Enjoy your weekend! We are headed up to the mountains to see the aspens and hear the elk bugling!

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