Winds of Change & Peaceful Readjustments





The much hyped cold front blew through today. When I went to bed last night the wind was howling and when I woke up it was still screaming. It was a warm wind though. It settled down by the afternoon to be replaced by a single loud clap of thunder and lots of rain.

Listening to the wind last night made me think about how much has happened in the past month that has caused my thinking to once again change, readjust and reboot my life.

The changes have made some uncomfortable as I no longer am reacting as I used to in certain situations, I stand up for myself and try not to let things bother me. I can no longer live as I used to and my opinions and priorities have changed to recommit myself again be more peaceful, positive and supportive.

What represents the change a lot are the top two pictures. My Mom called me over the weekend and asked me to come down and take pictures of her and my step Dad’s garden. Would you believe the flowers are sunflowers? The plant itself is fourteen feet tall with flowers blooming all the way down the stem. It was quite fascinating. I always had in my mind a sunflower being the standard large one flower to one stem, big yellow petals with seeds in the center. This one blew me away. They told me it was called Maximilian after a French emperor. I took more pictures of their garden-I’ll post at a later date. My Mom inherited her Dad’s green thumb and love of gardening while my step dad grew up on a farm.

The St. Francis statue has always been one of my favorites that has traveled from Mom’s last home to the current one. I love the back story of St. Francis too especially with my love of animals and being a pet sitter.

Finally to finish. I stepped out of a home where I caring for some cats to see the sun setting across the field of cut corn. That is the bottom picture. I sat and watched it set. It was beautiful and peaceful.

Peace to you and I hope you enjoy your day or night (whenever you read this.)

4 thoughts on “Winds of Change & Peaceful Readjustments

    • It’s funny you should say they look like they are reaching for the sky as that is what I named the picture when I sent it to my Mom. Reach for the sky.
      It was a fairly breezy day when I took the pictures and with their enormous height they just blew right along with the wind.

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