Autumnal Equinox, A New Bridge & My Chair




About forty five minutes before the sun was due to set I sent a friend a text that I thought tonight’s sunset was going to be pretty. I was not disappointed. I stopped eating my supper to run outside to snap a bunch of pictures. I imagine the neighbors are used to me tearing out of the house at all hours of day or night to chase sunsets, watch the International Space Station go over head, look for planets and watch rocket launches by NASA at nearby Wallops Island. I stood outside for about half an hour taking pictures of the sunset and the almost half moon in the sky. My supper was cold by the time I went back inside but I love the pictures I captured.

I took the middle picture last week of the Choptank River and it’s marshes while waiting to cross one of the bridges that span it. They were working on it and allowing one lane of traffic to go at a time. Most people get annoyed at the delay. I love to look up and down the river and see what wildlife I can find. Sometimes I see beavers, turtles, muskrats and all sorts of birds-from eagles, hawks and osprey to ducks, geese and gulls. Sometimes there is beautiful marsh grass growing with flowers blooming and other times when the tide is out you can see all the mud flats. I enjoyed the delay as you can tell. I just rolled down my window and took the picture.

Earlier this week I was able to cross a newly built bridge over the Tuckahoe River. I had never been over a bridge on opening day. Mind you there was no parade or ribbon cutting but I had been watching the workers build the new bridge for the past eighteen months and it was nice to see the workers watch the cars go over what they had built. Now they are dismantling the old bridge. I’ll kind of miss the workers when they are gone. Their presence became part of my every day life. Passing by as they worked in every season and in most weather except rain. Sometimes I would get a nod of acknowledgement but most times it was just brief eye contact with the workers but it was still an every day human connection and though I never knew any of their names or who they were I’ll always remember how they built the new bridge.

The bottom picture is a corner of my bedroom. The yellow chair is near and dear to my heart. My Mom and Dad purchased the chair when we lived in Massachusetts when I was growing up. It used to be blue but I had it redone in gingham yellow with honey bees dotted every so often in the pattern. The chair used to sit next to the piano in our living room. Both my grandmothers would sit there when they did their visits and listen to me while I played piano. My Dad often sat in the chair too. It holds a lot of memories. I sit in it now to read books in my little corner. Abby the cat who visits me in the winter likes to sleep there with my old Teddy bear and moose.

I hope you enjoyed your autumnal equinox and happy fall to everyone in the northern hemisphere. Enjoy all of your sunrises and sunsets.

6 thoughts on “Autumnal Equinox, A New Bridge & My Chair

  1. Love your passion for sunsets and I agree your picture was worth a cold dinner! Love the picture and story of your cozy space and chair. Comfort items are so important!! I enjoy your blog! thanks, jane

  2. Beautiful sunset picture! I did enjoy my autumnal exquinox as I heard an owl (which is something I’ve only heard a few times in my life!) then had the pleasure of having him fly over our heads and land in a tree right in front of us! It was a beautiful great horned owl! I was so excited! Sunday was another beautiful day in Estes Park and the elk were bugling!!! I’m glad you enjoyed the video link of them! I love being there and hearing them, although I have to admit that sometimes I can’t believe that sound comes out of such magnificent animals! Enjoy your week!

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