Change is Coming




I took the top picture about three hours before sunset tonight. We are supposed to be getting a cold front moving in tonight and tomorrow. I thought the clouds were kind of cool. I sadly missed getting a picture of a gorgeous sunset as I was driving in between pet sitting jobs with no safe place to pull over to get a shot. The orange and purples radiating off the clouds tonight was breath taking. I was hoping my friend got a picture of it but he was working too.

It was a pretty stressful week at my part time job and personally with friends and family going through difficult times. It was a lot to take in and process at once but I turned to nature and the night sky to help me center myself again. The mushroom in the middle picture caught my eye and my mind immediately started making up stories about the gnomes and fairies that live under it or near it. I thought it was a story telling mushroom. I have eagerly been waiting the arrival of the Canada geese from their summer home up north. They are usually here by now. A few have made it but not as many as in previous years though it is early still. When I get off work at night and drive up the back alley there is often a herd of deer laying down in the meadow and I always catch a small rabbit in my headlights running into the tall grass. I enjoy the birds, deer, foxes and turtles that live out back.

I have been enjoying the moon the last week and Jupiter. They have been lovely together. I just learned today on the tv show The Universe that Jupiter has rings like Saturn. I never knew that. They are fainter then Saturn’s but they are there. When I went out tonight to watch the moon rise there was a cloud in the sky that looked like a humpback whale swimming across the galaxies.

I included the bottom picture of my neighbors cat who joins me on my sunset watches in the meadow out back. He is a character. Only recently has he decided I’m ok to hang out with up close and personal. In the spring when I would lay outside at one in the morning to watch meteor showers he would lay with me but always six to ten feet away. Now when I head outside I about trip over him as he is rubbing against my legs trying to get my attention. I have to say he handled the owl doing a low level fly by of the two of us much better than I did. The owl scared the hell out of me as they are silent flying by. I gasped, the cat just raised his head and watched the owl fly by. A cool customer indeed.

Enjoy your weekend. I hope you find some things that tell stories to you.

8 thoughts on “Change is Coming

  1. Changes, indeed! Woke up to snow Friday morning and high temps only in the 30’s! Today much of the same, furnace is running and I am cold! From summer to winter overnight! But there is hope, back to the 70’s next week!
    Hope you get to enjoy a peaceful weekend, and that your week goes better next week. It’s always hard when those we love are suffering and there is not much to do to help…..
    Hopefully tomorrow will be better!

    • I bet the snow looked pretty even if it is early. I hope it has warmed up.
      My week is going better. I am looking forward to gathering with my family in Maine this weekend. And I’m on vacation next week. Looking forward to the time off. Hope your week is going well!

      • Enjoy your weekend in Maine, I’ll bet it will be beautiful up there! In all the years I lived in NJ I was never farther north than Connecticut! Some day we will see New England in the fall I know….and have a peaceful and relaxing week off too! Weather is better here this week, busy doing fall chores, hoping to get to cleaning up the garden tomorrow. Have fun!

      • Thanks I hope to enjoy it. I love Maine. If you ever get a chance it’s great as is Vermont. That is my second favorite place to visit. I hope your chores are going ok and you are enjoying your fall.

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