Despite spraining my right ankle Thursday evening I drove to Connecticut on Friday to stay with a cousin before arriving in Maine on Saturday. I have been coming to Ogunquit on Maine’s southern coast since I was ten years old. I love the motel I stay at and they welcome me like family. Most of the people who stay here return every year around the same time so faces are familiar. Some may find it odd but I rather enjoy it. The motel has been here over one hundred years. It is right on the ocean. I am sitting on my porch listening to the ocean while I write this. I meet my family here and it is the one time of the year we all get together-my Mom and step dad, my two older sisters and their husbands and myself.

The top two pictures are of the cove which is at the end of the mile walking path that starts in front of the motel. The walking path is oceanfront and is a real treat to walk. I usually walk it about eight to ten times while I am here but due to my ankle I was only able to hobble down to the first set of benches they have along the path. It was about a hundred yard walk. The cove at the end of the path has little shops, restaurants, art galleries and of course a fleet of lobster boats and deep sea fishing boats.

Today while my family walked up into town I stayed behind to rest my foot. I sat on my porch and watched the ocean and people walk by. I had three crows who kept me company too. I’m sure that has a meaning but I don’t know what it is. I took a picture of one of the crows. They were pretty amusing.

I was also able to watch Fearless Felix jump from 128,000 feet to the ground. I am terrified of heights but I forced myself to watch and not look away. They had cameras attached to his ballon that carried him up and you could see the curvature of the earth he was up so high. Then when he stepped out onto his platform my stomach knotted up just looking down at the earth and I was sitting quite comfortably in a chair with my feet up in my motel room. Then when he just stepped off and in a blink of an eye he was out of camera sight he was falling so fast made me quite uncomfortable. It was nice to see him be successful. I admire people who can conquer heights as my fear always gets me. It is really one of my few fears.

I do love Maine as it has always allowed me to recharge my batteries and the coast mesmerizes me. It is so different from the Maryland and Delaware coastline. I hope you have place be it near or far, in your mind or a place you can drive to that allows you to relax, regroup and recharge. Sometimes you just need that little break and it makes all the difference.

(I hope it is sunny and I can get some sunny pictures of the coast before I leave.)

2 thoughts on “Maine

  1. Thank you for sharing your get-away. We didn’t get ours this year. We love to go to Portsmouth area in NH/Me, and like you I find the northeast coast wonderful and free. Water and ships and seafood–I relate to it all and even the hobbling as I have a bad ankle that acts up when I most want to use it! Take care and have a wonderful time!

    • Thanks Jane. I’ve loved eating the seafood and surprisingly found I like sitting by the ocean and in addition to watching the waves and birds I was mesmerized by the airplanes coming in from overseas. They were still at cruising altitude but it was fascinating to me to watch. I hope you are well.

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