A Long Walk & You Never Know




Yesterday I took an hour and a half walk with one of the dogs I am caring for while the house was being shown by a realtor. The day was not the lovely sunny sixty-five degree day the weatherman called for instead it was foggy, drizzly and a wee bit chilly. The lab I was walking loved it. I had many layers on and did enjoy myself. Honestly sixty-five is above normal for our area. The fog and drizzly weather made bird watching and animal watching great. The dog and I were in sync and when I wanted to stop and look at birds or take pictures the pup would stop, sit or lay down and patiently wait for me. On the flip side he alerted me to animals I did not see or hear. We saw a buck and two does watching us from the edge of the tree line. We also saw a few foxes, a beaver, squirrels and some chipmunks. The only problem I had with the fog was being able to distinguish colors of birds in the trees. I am partially color blind and yesterday other than the blue jays all the birds looked gray.

Sometimes you never know how you impact someone’s life either through words, deeds or simply living your life. In the past week out of the blue I have had a friend who I had not talked with in a while thank me for buying him a book. I had not thought much of it at the time other than he had really wanted the book but he shared with me how it had given him the joy of reading again in his adult life. He loved reading as a child but gotten away from it as adult life can pull you away from things. I was really touched by his sharing it with me as I had been having a blue day.

My night time job is very stressful especially this time of year. One thing I have made my little office inside the warehouse is a complain free zone. If you want to complain go outside my office. I have no problems listening if an employee has a serious issue but the day to day complaining I have no tolerance of. A coworker told me they overheard my boss telling their boss how they enjoy working the night shift now as myself and another supervisor make it fun and bring laughter and humor into an otherwise stressful environment. It was nice to hear.

Both of these instances are ways in which I had not realized affected someone else but as I mentioned before you never know. Sometimes it is the kindness of a stranger, a smile, a hug, living your life after overcoming adversity or just being you but we all in are own ways affect each other and our intertwined in each others lives and the universe.

Speaking of the universe check out this week’s meteor showers. I think December 13-14. Nice dark nights with no moon in the sky. Jupiter is lovely and bright. And the international space station starts making nighttime passes tonight. To see what time and where in your area check out nasa.gov website and go under sightings. It will give you the exact time and where in the sky to look.

Happy December! Thanks to everyone!!

4 thoughts on “A Long Walk & You Never Know

  1. Thanks Becca, I’ve been reading your blog and enjoying your photos for a few months now and am always happy to see one show up in my inbox.

  2. Your blog is a reminder to me that advent (to me) is a time of bringing light to the world, and not complaining is a good place to start, and giving joy to others important too…Way to go and thanks for the reminder…I needed that today especially! jane

    • I’m glad it helped Jane. I try to find the joy and light in December. Some days are easier than others. Tonight at work some of my coworkers were remarking how difficult they found finding happiness in December based upon the stress level of our job. It increases this month ten fold. I decided last year to make a determined effort to find peace and happiness and find joy again in the holidays. It has been a journey. I hope your December goes well. Sounds like it is busy!!

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