A Spider Web, A Tea Pot & A Hey!




The spider web in the top picture caught my eye in the fog about a week ago. I love looking the webs and how intricate they can be. They are a spiders home and often help trap food but the webs are often ripped down. You don’t hear the spiders complain they just start rebuilding. Spinning a new web and perhaps learning from past mistakes. I never did see the spider who created this masterpiece highlighted with morning dew but I admired the handiwork and craftsmanship.

The second picture is of course a teapot wind chime that I love and have posted before but never with the fall colors. Looking at the teapot reminded me of family and friend. My grandmothers always offered us tea, mom always had hot chocolate in the winter and fresh brewed ice tea year round. To this day I still invite friends over for tea or coffee and conversation.

The bottom picture is a silent shout out to a dear friend.

I hope the month of December has started out smoothly and safely. I like to remember December as a month for reflection and a season of lights. I love all the lights! Do you like to reflect in the winter months or are you “embrace winter for all it has to offer” kind of person?

One thought on “A Spider Web, A Tea Pot & A Hey!

  1. What a great picture of the spider web. We used to take country walks and loved to see the webs undisturbed! they really are beautiful!

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