Rambling Thoughts and Wishes




The weathermen could not really decide what sort of weather we were going to have today-rain, sleet, ice or snow. Here on Maryland’s Eastern Shore we are bordered on one side by the Chesapeake Bay and on the other the Atlantic Ocean. In general our winters are relatively mild, we may get two inches of snow whereas Annapolis, Baltimore and DC may get six to eight inches. A few years back during an el niño year we got two blizzards back to back and had three feet of snow but within two weeks it was almost gone. And last year we had more warmer days here than my Mom and step dad had in their winter home in Arizona, much to my mother’s chagrin. Today’s weather ended up being a cold rain for about six hours. I walked two labs for a client while she walks her dog. The two labs are her daughter’s dogs that she sometimes watches. The dogs and I had a great time traveling our town’s streets which were mostly deserted. Most of the homes we walk by are over one hundred years old. I do enjoy daydreaming about what the town was like one hundred years ago. I’m pretty sure a forty three year old woman wearing jeans, a sweatshirt, vest and winter jacket walking two dogs would have been frowned upon.

Yesterday while running some errands in the surrounding towns, I was observing two adult bald eagles flying overhead. I watched a second year eagle come in to land on a winter wheat field and was shocked to see him land amongst six adult bald eagles already gathered in the field. I am guessing they were feasting on dinner.
I am so often looking up I forget to see what is right in front of me.

I am off from my night job on Monday and Tuesday so in essence I have four days off and I am excited. I received many books over the holidays and I purchased some magazines yesterday. I’m looking forward to reading, relaxing and drinking some hot chocolate. I have dogs to walk over the next few days and some cats to care for but it is something I enjoy on a soul level.

I have always felt a connection with animals and nature even from a small child. My parents grew up in the city but raised us in the suburbs and encouraged us to be outside and explore nature. My mother started us gardening at an early age. I despise weeding so now I only do container gardening but I do enjoy it. My dad got me into the stars, chemistry, physics and engineering. Both encouraged me in my pursuit of horseback riding. I started riding when I was ten but had to stop at thirty four due to some medical issues but I hope to start again sometime soon. I am still drawn to horses, love caring for them and read all I can about them.

Well enough of my rambling thoughts for the day. It is my wish to get back to riding in the new year. What is your wish? No resolutions please, I can’t stand those. Wishes only!! I’d love to hear from you if you would like to share..

8 thoughts on “Rambling Thoughts and Wishes

  1. Thanks so much for your posts…I love reading them. You said you hate to weed…I LOVE to weed…it really relieves stress I think. Anyway, maybe I’m just strange. lol Happy New Year to you!

    • I don’t think it’s strange at all to love weeding. I know of many people who love it. I just know as a small child I decided when I grew up I would never weed again. I do enjoy plants and container gardening just hate weeding. I’m happy you enjoy my blog. I love hearing from everyone and enjoyed hearing from you. Thanks for sharing and Happy New Year!

  2. “a forty three year old woman wearing jeans, a sweatshirt, vest and winter jacket walking two dogs” – hey, that’s me too! Well, minus the vest. So strange, especially as I used to have horses and had to stop due to health/back issues years ago. I’ll probably start helping a friend train her horse in the spring, wish she wasn’t 2 hours away.

    So glad I found your blog through Full Moon Fiber Arts!

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