Walking Cooper & Stepping Through




I have been walking a black lab named Cooper for the past week in the mornings. We walk for about half an hour to forty minutes through town. I love walking Cooper. He and I connect. He can be a bit strong at times but is very obedient and well behaved almost all of the time. We can walk by any person, dog, cat, squirrel, situation and he is not flustered at all nor does he react other than to look. I have him sit every time we come to a street that we have to cross which is frequently. He very graciously sat while I took the top picture of the duck sculpture. Someone decorated the ducks for the holidays. When the weather is rainy for many days someone will put rubber ducks with the sculpture. The sculpture was donated to the town by an artist for the Waterfowl Festival that has been held here every fall for the past forty years or so. The ducks are protecting a nest of eggs. It is across the street from an old stone church and the academy of the arts. The academy used to be the school back in the early 1900’s. The walk the dog and I take every morning takes us through much history in our town and through every socio-economic structure we have. We pass million dollar homes and homes being held together with a wing and a prayer. All within three quarters of a mile.

The second picture my sunset friend sent me yesterday. Due to work I haven’t been able to get sunset pictures recently but my friend has been sending them, thankfully. I know many places in the US and in the northern hemisphere are having a snowy cold winter but it has only been in the last four days we have had frost here and it has gotten cold. No snow yet. I can’t say I miss it. I moved from Massachusetts as I did want to deal with winter that much anymore. I have to admit the heat and humidity almost killed me my first year here in Maryland but now I have grown to love it and embrace it. I long for the heat sometimes. Never thought I would say that as a kid growing up ice skating, playing hockey, skiing and sledding. Perhaps I am adaptable. I’m not sure.

I liked the bottom picture I took of Abby in the sun last week. She was happy I returned home last night after a week away pet sitting. She loves chasing the sun across my quilt as much as I love chasing sunsets.

On a final note: I stepped through a fear of mine on New Years Eve and actually went out to a friend’s small party. I am shy and a recluse and in general avoid parties and social gatherings though I love horse shows and art galleries and DC but put me in a room with people and make small talk. Oh dear lord. But I screwed up my courage and went and found I really enjoyed myself. My friends are the best and their friends were delightful. I hope to continue to challenge myself this year on big ways and small. How about you? What are you doing to challenge yourself?

Have a wonderful weekend. Happy New Year!!

4 thoughts on “Walking Cooper & Stepping Through

  1. Hi Beccaseventhorizon! You have some gorgeous photos here. Thanks so much for sharing them. Thanks also for following my blog. Wishing you well in your work and on your path of good health! -StairwayHealingArts.wordpress.com

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