Two Years Ago & A Happiness Corner




Two years ago this month I overcame an illness that almost killed me. Not many people knew about it-family included. I think I could count on one hand the amount of people who knew the severity of my illness and how dire it actually was. Once I recovered I found my outlook on life had changed as I suppose life does at times like that. Funny your life can’t change without some drama first but drama always seems to weed out what is not needed and what needs to stay. At least it did for me. I learned for one I don’t like drama. I will deal with drama as the need arises but I don’t go looking for it and don’t create situations if drama is lacking in my life. Nowadays if I want drama I’ll turn on the tv and watch half an hour of Judge Judy. Other than that I rather enjoy the rhythms of life. The changing of seasons, the ebb and flow of my business, being in touch with nature, writing, going to art exhibits, reading, watching the ever changing night sky and sometimes do the old Walden Pond thing and watching ants.

I included in today’s post some of my favorite places and I thought I would put up a picture of Cooper-the black lab I walk through my town every so often. He’s one of my buddies. His owner tells me he waits on the couch by the front window for me and when he hears my car pull up he runs to the door to wait for me. People sometimes think that because pet sitting is someone’s business that one treats it as such. It is one way I make a living but I love all the pets I care for-some more than others as I have a few cats who bite me every time I visit. I grow very attached to the pets, their personalities, quirks, likes and dislikes. I grieve when they pass. And love them as my own. Cooper is a favorite of mine as he is in sync with my soul, listens to me, sits to let me take pictures in town and is just a lovable goof.

The top picture I took on the Marginal Way in Ogunquit Maine where I have vacationed since I was ten. I have walked it many times in all sorts of weather. Thought about lots of things, watched the ocean, watched the ducks and cormorants swim and have just been. I have sat and had many conversations with my Mom, Dad, younger sister, older sisters, brother in laws and a couple of perfect strangers. I treasure the conversations with my Dad. And I always think of going on lobster boats with my parents and younger sister when we were growing up.

The middle picture is where I sit to watch tv, read and write. I love my Stubbs print and my two waving Queen Elizabeth’s. The small bookcase holds hardcover books of Dick Francis and Jon Katz-two of my favorite authors. It is my happiness corner. I think even Abby the cat enjoys it as she joins me at night when I get home from work.

I am such a different person now than I was two years ago, ten years ago and twenty years ago. I hope I am always changing for the better and I’m glad to have figured out to appreciate what is important to me and not to what others think should be important to me.

I hope you have a great weekend. I am looking forward to heading to Maryland’s Horse Expo with a friend. I haven’t been in a couple of years. Maybe I’ll get a horse! One that sits nicely on a nightstand. Though perhaps I can find a stable to start back to riding again. I miss it so.


10 thoughts on “Two Years Ago & A Happiness Corner

  1. I really like Jon Katz too! I think that it was his blog where he recommended your blog if I remember right. I don’t always agree with him but he is honest and always interesting. And I really enjoy his books, I have all of them!
    I will be enjoying this weekend very much, we are celebrating our 34th anniversary!
    Have fun too!

  2. I enjoyed your blog. I am hoping that when we get to the other side of the present drama in our life (Tom’s layoff and loss of our only serious income), we too will have a better sense of what is important and what is not. I love your happiness corner and I was watching the animal channel today on TV and thought about people like yourself that get involved with other’s pets. It seems to me that you are making some of the best friends that you can have. I know that my Zelda cat has become my “mostly companion”. You can’t find more loving friends to be sure! jane P.S. hope you like your tomato pc!

    • Hi Jane
      Animals are great friends. Zelda, I’m sure will be there for you. They seem to sense when we need them.
      I’m sure I will love the tomato pin cushion. I really love my pumpkin, lemon and peach ones!!
      One of the biggest reasons I got into pet sitting was over the loss of a job. I would have never done it without first losing my job. Sometimes creative solutions arise when we least expect them. I hope you and your husband do well in the readjustment you are having to make.
      Blessings and thanks for reading my blog

  3. I always enjoy seeing your photos. I’m sorry to learn that you were so ill, but am glad you are recovered. It is lovely in Norfolk today. I went to a quilt guild meeting and then to three quilt shops. saw lots of friends. Scott will be over tomorrow with his son. he is a single dad. I quit my job on the 28th and am loving free time. Will start tutoring and teaching quilt classes. like to keep busy.

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