MD Horse Expo & Friends




I started my weekend off heading to the Maryland Horse Expo with one of my best friends-Jenn. I have known Jenn since she was around five or six and I had started teaching her horseback riding. I continued to teach her until she went to college and we have remained great friends despite our age difference. I stopped teaching riding about six years ago but boy being at the expo and watching some demos I felt the old stirrings arise. I want to get back to riding now that my medical issues are under control and wow I wanted to teach. Jenn and I had started out at the expo strolling through the different vendor booths. We both purchased some paintings. As we made our way through the building you had to cross the exhibition hall where riding demos were being presented and The Equiery magazine had a booth set up. I had hoped to meet a fellow blogger if she was there though she did not know I had wanted to meet her. She works for the Equiery. I love her blog as it keeps me in touch with my horse side-with caring for horses, teaching and training. It is great! Her blog is I did not know her name and being the shy person I am I had to work up my courage to walk up to the booth to ask if she was there. The only thing I had to go on was that a picture she had taken at the Rolex Three Day Event was used on the cover. So after two aborted attempts to approach the booth I finally went up and asked. Much to my relief the person I asked was her! It was so nice to meet her and talk briefly. I told her I followed her blog and she knew who I was when I told her my name which was nice. As it was busy and the magazine she works for produces the program for the expo many people needed her attention. It was a big accomplishment for me. I am working hard to not chicken out in social situations for this year.

Sunday I did some pet sitting and property checks. One of pet sitting jobs was caring for Sydney, the cat in the second picture. I never knew how friendly and affectionate he was until he was allowed to live in a separate part of the home from the other cat in the house. The other cat picked on Syd. When I used to visit Syd he was usually hiding under the bed but now he happily holds court on his pillow and drinks water from the glass in front of him. He purrs, talks and rolls on his back for attention. I just never knew what a love bug he was because he was being bullied so much.

Tonight a friend stopped by and we had a lovely visit. It is so nice to have an occasional evening off from the night time job and live like the rest of America. I took a few days off from my night time job. I actually managed to clean my apartment in record time when I found out my friend was stopping by. Amazing what you can do when you set your mind to it.

Yesterday and today as I left my home a red tailed hawk yelled to me from the tree line. At least I think he was chatting with me. I also saw my first red bellied woodpecker yesterday. And the best part I forgot to close my blinds last night prior to bed and was treated to geese and eagles flying by my window this morning.

Stay warm. Keep challenging yourself. And check out the moon and Jupiter! Beautiful tonight!!

5 thoughts on “MD Horse Expo & Friends

  1. Becca, I love your blog. I had a bit of horse-love in my past. I used to ride bareback. Fond memories for sure and I think it would be lovely if you could get back into it. It is nice too to have students that carry your values. Our contributions to others are invaluable. Syd is dear too. My Zeldie cat runs my house…I can appreciate being terrorized though my Zeldie has a flip love-bug side too. You should get your tomato soon! Enjoy! jane

  2. Love the picture of Sydney, he looks amazing! It’s nice to know he’s friendly now that he’s not being bothered by the other cat.
    All of your pictures are great, what type of camera do you use?

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