Horses, My Mom & The Ponds




It was a beautiful if cold day here on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. The sky was a lovely blue. We have not had a hard or difficult winter by any stretch compared to the rest of the country. At most we have had much rain and howling winds. The winds seem to blow five days out if seven sometimes. I love a good breeze and wind as much as the next person but sometimes when the wind stops blowing the silence is deafening. I really try to appreciate the winds now as come summer time the only way to find a breeze is to read about it in a book. I am looking forward to spring. The daffodils are already coming up and buds forming on the trees it is just not all that warm yet.

Growing up I had difficulty with seasonal affected depression but since moving south and being outside most of the day for my jobs, it has made an incredible difference. The top picture is a corner in my room that has many horse books-reference, history and instruction. I love horses, being around them, reading about them, watching them on tv and talking about them. Horses taught me a lot about being patient, confident, trusting and learning how to give and take.

The second picture is of a corner in my kitchen, next to my little convection oven and two burner hot plate. I love my English glug jug. My mechanic gave me the flower when I stopped in to have my car checked last week. He keeps a vase full of carnations for his customers. He is a great mechanic and keeps my car going for me and pet sitting.

The bottom picture is another paperback book collection I have. James Herriott books, a couple of Tom Clancy’s and Agatha Christie’s. I also have some of my snoopy collection, my old deceased dog’s favorite toy and a picture of Wallace and Gromit hanging over the the whole kit and caboodle. My farrier friend who died last week many years ago introduced me to the James Herriot series. We shared many laughs over the books. And I have to say I adore Wallace and Gromit. Before my Mom remarried five years ago I took her to see Wallace and Gromit and the Curse of the Were Rabbit. We were the oldest mother child team at the movies by far but I loved it and we both laughed until our sides hurt. Mind you the you the younger kids with their parents didn’t always get the humor but we all had fun. I love that Gromit the dog knits.

Exciting news on the pond out front in addition to the usual mallard ducks and the recent wood ducks, some greater scaups and common goldeneyes ducks have all been spotted many days over the past week. The geese take one pond, the ducks the other one. I’m excited for all the waterfowl activity.

Hope your week is going well. How is your gratitude challenge going? Mine is getting easier every day now that I got over the tough spot. And let me say how much I appreciate all of you for taking time to read my blog. Thank you!

4 thoughts on “Horses, My Mom & The Ponds

    • I started taking pictures of my things inside my home after a fire four years ago. Now I do it and see it as art. I sometimes look at it to see if things are still important to me. I’m glad you like them. I figure too there are only so many sunset pictures people want to look at!

  1. Just wanted to leave a short note and say how much I enjoy reading your blog. I too live alone with 5 cats and work a full time job. I feel like we are friends although we have never met. Thank you!

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