Eyes Opened & Breaking Bread




My eyes have been opened to many birds this week. On the ponds out front I have really enjoyed watching the diving ducks-buffleheads and I think the greater Scaups are also diving ducks though I may be incorrect on the scaups. The Canada geese are still around and haven’t started planning for their trek north yet. I passed two fields of snow geese today. The red tailed hawks have been very active and the bald eagles are nesting. I see lots of kestrels, sharp shinned hawks and coopers hawks on the telephone and electrical wires watching their prey. The songbirds are at the feeders and eating berries. A friend of mine saw a huge flock of turkeys today. They are pretty neat to see I think.

I have never really been one to look forward to the weekend as up until two years ago I worked seven days a week. So I learned to appreciate any little bit of down time I did get. But I have to admit I was awfully glad to get off work tonight and come home. Abby the cat starts talking as soon as she hears my car pull up. I can hear her meowing when I approach my door. We chat and discuss our respective days for about twenty minutes. I feed her supper at the same time I eat my supper. A little quirk of mine but I guess you could say we break bread together though we eat in different rooms. I think she will be with me for about another six weeks. Then she heads home to my Mom and step Dad’s. I appreciate Abby’s company. She respects my house rules, doesn’t bite me or scratch my furniture. Some cats I care for do not want any attention and bite or scratch me. I care for one cat who bites me if I pet him, bites me if I ignore him, the owners feel he is very affectionate I think he is a devil cat. My older sisters are cat people I have always been a dog person. Though as a pet sitter I care for all animals except snakes. I haven’t been able to shake my fear of snakes but thankfully I have someone who works for me part time who loves snakes so it all works out.

As for my weekend I am looking forward to tidying my apartment, delving into a poetry book a facebook friend sent me, reading some magazines, doing some pet sitting and writing some letters.

The pictures I included today are of this month’s calendar picture that I love, a small vase of flowers I had on my nightstand this past summer and finally a view of some of my bookcases, desk and table that I view when I sit in my yellow chair. Though Abby has taken over the chair for now.

What are your plans for the weekend? Is weather changing your plans? Be safe and check out the night sky the stars and planets are beautiful!

4 thoughts on “Eyes Opened & Breaking Bread

  1. I love being invited into your home and love how neat it all is….it is fun to see the personal things that have transformed it from a house to a home. It is all very cozy!! Have a wonderful weekend! love,jane

    • Thanks Jane! I wasn’t able to get any good pictures outside this week so I turned to what was right in front of me. I like a cozy home. With pet sitting I’ve stayed in many different homes and adjust to them all and sometimes wish I could live like a minimalist but when I get home I realize it just isn’t me. I hope you are doing well. And I have gotten lots of compliments on my heart/tea kettle pin and most of it was from my male co-workers at my night job.

    • I had not thought of it like that but I like it. I have really been enjoying bird watching and you were right my ear is getting better. I can pick up the different woodpeckers calls now fairly easily. Ironically today a bald eagle’s call threw me off. The Chesapeake Bay where I live has one of the largest populations of bald eagles and I see many every day. I thought I knew there call better but was thrown until a friend pointed it out.

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