Spring Is Near & Poetry




Spring is trying very hard to start on the Eastern Shore. I heard spring peepers on Wednesday for the first time this year but not since then as it has gotten chilly again. I took the top picture yesterday of daffodils waiting to bloom. And I saw my first flock if Canada geese flying several thousand feet high heading back north. I do miss them when they leave in large numbers in the spring. Some stay behind but nothing like the thousands that we have here now. I’ll have to look up the different kinds of ducks on the front pond and see if they will be migrating or staying. It’s the first year we have had any other kinds of ducks besides mallards. The buds are forming on the trees. And the days are getting longer. Not that I need to point that out to anyone in the Northern hemisphere. I’m looking forward to seeing the stars and constellations I taught myself last spring to reappear in the night sky, rather like old friends.

I had to get up fairly early today to take my car in for some maintenance work. It is not early for most people but when you get off work at 10:30-11:00 at night getting up for an 8:00am appointment was an achievement for me. Most people who don’t work a later shift ask why I don’t just come home and go right to sleep. I usually reply with the question can you go right to sleep when you get off work at 5:00? Most people cannot. I like to come home, relax a bit, eat a snack or light dinner and do some chores if I have time. The middle picture is of a huge plant (whose name escapes me at the moment) at my mechanics facility. I am envious as my plant of the same variety is not even a quarter of the size and I’ve had it for ten years now. Besides being a great mechanic he has a wonderful plant collection in the lobby. There were six other plants but I couldn’t get a good picture of them as my phone kept focusing on the light pouring in from the huge windows.

I’m hoping for a quiet weekend to get caught up on odds and ends I’ve let go over the last few weeks. And to catch up on some shows I’ve taped but haven’t had time to watch. Hopefully the shows are good, I watched two I had taped earlier this week and found they were so dull. I was disappointed as I was really looking forward to them.
Though honestly on Saturdays I usually listen to NPR all day long. I received a book of poetry this week from a Facebook friend. It’s called Far From Sudden by Brent Goodman. I hope to finish it. I love poetry.

Do you like poetry? Any favorites you’d like to recommend? I love reading new poems. Any good books anyone is reading they would like to suggest also?

I hope everyone has a great weekend and that spring is coming soon near you.

6 thoughts on “Spring Is Near & Poetry

  1. This week spring seems very far away as we had a foot of snow last $sunday! Can’t wait to see the daffodils blooming!
    Love to listen to Car Talk and Wait wait Don´t tell me on Saturdays!
    Got to admit that I never enjoyed poetry!
    Enjoy your book and your weekend! It

    • We have had a really mild winter here. It seems the worst winters we get with snow are during el niño years. We have not had one of those in about three years.
      I love those two shows also. We have a show produced on the DC NPR station called Animal House which is an hour long animal and pet show on Saturdays. I also like This American Life and Michael Feldman’s What Do You Know. Recently I’ve become addicted to Snap Judgement too. All the radio listening got me to clean my place today.
      Hope you are doing well. And hope spring comes soon for you too.

  2. So delighted to see a sign of spring, as in the picture of your daffodil blossom!! It is still so gray here, though the snow has all but melted off! I know spring is coming but it seems not fast enough! I dug out my old poetry notebook the other day. I love poems too, but I am with you, a new book to grab me and focus my attention until I can see the sunshine would nice. jane

    • We haven’t had but about two inches of snow this year. We’ve had quite a bit of rain and lots of wind. Sometimes it seems the winds will not stop. I try to appreciate them as in the summer when it 98 degrees out with high humidity you can’t find a breeze anywhere.
      I hope spring comes soon for you. And I hope you are well.

  3. Thanks for the signs of spring and Like Jane, I loved seeing the daffodils. About Poetry, Veronica Hallissey is giving away one of her poetry books this week on her blog fromanupperfloor.com. Poems from a wise woman.

    • Thanks for sending me to the site of the poetry give away. I enjoyed checking out her blog. And put my name in for the give away. 🙂 I’ll have to check out her poetry more.
      The daffodils and crocuses are almost blooming. Hopefully the weather forecast is right and we just get rain on Wednesday, snow like a little bit west of me. I look forward to the cherry blossoms to in the spring. I braved the crowds one year and went to DC to see them along the tidal basin. It was wonderful.

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