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What an interesting up, down, side to side, tilt a whirl ride the last week has been. Things seem to be leveling out or perhaps I am dealing with them better. Anyhow. I’m just glad to heading into the next moment. I have been reading a Vietnamese Monk’s writings- Thich Nhat Hanh. And one of the things he says is we arrive present in the moment. I sometimes have trouble doing that as I am reliving the past either good or bad or I’m worrying about the future and I forget about the present. I catch myself and think I need to be present. Most of the time it helps.

I have started to hear some songbirds that I haven’t heard all winter. I have to look them up to figure out who they are but I do enjoy hearing them. The local bird hotline said there was a possible snowy owl sighting in our area-actually just down the road from me. It is pretty rare they venture this far south but one did spend a few weeks in our area about three years ago when the mice, vole or lemmings or whatever they eat in their northern territories dried up. We haven’t had many snow geese this year so I’m guessing either it was good food up there this year that they did not need to travel to our area or they did not do well prior to the winter migration.
Ospreys will be arriving sometime soon from South America.

I do enjoy trees as you could probably figure from the many pictures I take of them. The middle picture I took yesterday while heading to a pet sitting job. The tall tree on the side of the road caught my eye. It was at the end of a lane of an abandoned farmhouse. I really wanted to get a picture of the old farmhouse but no trespassing signs were everywhere.

The bottom picture is Abby snoozing. She is awfully demanding when I get home from work. I guess she needs her hug time and be close to someone time.

I hope spring is coming soon near you. Have a great Tuesday!

4 thoughts on “Be Present & Bird Travels

  1. We had snowy owls up this way a couple of years ago. I didn’t even know it. I was in gettysburg with a friend and we saw a strange bird in the middle of a field. Too far really to get a good picture. But I did. Did some research and found that a pair had migrated to our area. How fortunate and by accident to find them.

    • That’s pretty cool! I’ve asked friends and hunters in the area and they have not seen any snow geese down our way. I love seeing them and hearing their call. It is so lovely and different from a Canada goose call. I thought I found a field of snow geese recently but was surprised to find they were actually swans. I had never seen so many at once.

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