A Leap of Faith & A Link

I took a huge step out of my comfort zone yesterday and submitted one of my photos to a fellow bloggers website for one of their photo contests. You do not win anything but bragging rights. I have always enjoyed their photos on the blog and some of their fellow bloggers who are also photographers. When I saw them theme was water I figured it was up my alley. But then my sort of low self esteem voice kicked in and told me to forget it and not send in my photo. Especially since all my photos are taken with my iphone and not a digital or fancy camera But after an intense internal conversation I decided what the hell. So I sent in my photo. I should have sent it in a little earlier and not at two in the morning as I misspelled the name to my own blog. Sigh. So the link for my picture does not connect back to my site but if you click on the link and then click like at the bottom of my picture you will have voted for my picture.

Even though I spelled my site wrong to another site inadvertently (I am adding the correct link in the reply portion) I am proud of myself for not listening to my critical voice inside and challenging myself to do something I would not normally do.
Here is the link to my picture

17th Challenger – Sunrise

Thanks for checking it out if you choose to do so.
Stay warm, dry and I hope your electricity stays on. The winds are picking up here.. Rain, snow and sleet on it’s way.


6 thoughts on “A Leap of Faith & A Link

  1. I voted, hope it counts and know that your picture is lovely! Good for you to take the jump and “Go for it”…….that is a win in itself….Teri

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