A Couch in the Alley & Flowers




I was on a five day pet sitting job that involved staying with two dogs and also looking after the property where they live. There is a generous fenced in yard but I enjoy walking the dogs around the streets of my town. One dog is older and can’t walk quite as far but gets very vocal and excited to walk. The other dog is younger and likes to walk too but I have to convince him he does not need to carry a pillow in his mouth before we walk. The dogs and I walk together as a group late at night but in the morning I walk each one separately. While coming home we walk down one of the old alleys that the downtown is filled with, we came across the couch leaning up against the tree with the stately garage behind it. It just drew me in so I waited a day and a half for it to stop raining to get a picture of it.

Everywhere I walk there are flowers starting to bloom and blooming-daffodils, crocuses, Siberian irises are all blooming and the cherry trees are getting ready to. One year I went into DC for the cherry blossom festival. The trees were truly amazing and beautiful but boy were there a whole lot of people there. It was a great experience but I’m not big on crowds. My next favorite plant to look for is the forsythia bushes to bloom. I love the bursts of yellow.

Sunday was a beautiful, warm, sunny day. Everyone was outside. Doing yard work, playing in yards, walking or just being outside enjoying the day. It was not raining and for once it seemed the wind was not howling. It is now as I write this. It seems like it has been a windy winter this year. Anyhow back to Sunday, I was up early with the dogs-just after sunrise and was outside to witness a huge flock of geese heading north. I stopped counting at one hundred. They just kept coming and were in a V formation. All through the day I saw large flocks flying high heading home. It always makes me a little sad to see them go but soon osprey and hummingbirds head here for the spring, summer and fall months.

I have been looking for the stars and constellations I taught myself last spring and summer to reappear in the night sky. I have tried the last two nights to see the comet pan STARRS but it has been cloudy both nights. Maybe the next few nights will be better. In the meantime I have been loving the sound of the spring peeper frogs. I just love their call.

I hope you enjoy your day. And that the flowers are blooming near you or getting ready to.


12 thoughts on “A Couch in the Alley & Flowers

  1. I live in Wisconsin and we unfortunately still have snow on the ground. It has been a long, cold winter here. I am so ready for Spring to arrive! Until then, I will have to look at your pictures with envy 🙂

  2. Thanks for the flower photos, they’re so nice to see. And I love the couch photo too. Isn’t it strange, makes me want to make up a story about why it was there.

  3. The couch looks like ano old antique one! How sad….I am such a scavenger…but then perhaps a cat peed on it or some such other calamnity….Even so I think in terms of re-upholstry and such!…Now I will read the rest of your blog…talk about a strong reaction! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your spring with me…we are so behind you …It is still ugly and brown here! jane

    • I think two small dogs live in the house with couch so maybe that had something to do with the couch being banished from the home.. I’m with you. I reupholster or reuse furniture. Until I had a house fire all of my furniture was hand me downs. Even after the fire I was able to salvage almost everything except my bed and two night stands. A new bed is my only new piece of furniture I have bought.
      I hope spring comes soon in your area. Winter has been very mild here but the winds have been incredible. I know understand why people in the frontier days went crazy listening to the non stop winds howl. Though come summer I’m sure I will be wishing for a breeze. No wind seems to blow here from June to September.

  4. Enjoyed seeing the march flowers. They are blooming here too. The tiny spring beauties and henbit and dead nettle are blooming all harbingers of spring. The local geese here are mostly flying in pairs seeking out ponds etc. to nest on.Enjoyed the post thanks for sharing.

    • I have never heard of henbit. I will have to check it out. All the geese but the resident ones have left. I was excited though to find an osprey cruising by my living room window on its way to the pond out front. Now if it would just warm up a little. I am glad you enjoyed the post!

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