4 thoughts on “Thursday, Friday & Saturday

    • I think the last oh would have been even better if I could have captured the entire rainbow. It was amazing. It was a perfect arc stretching from ground to ground. You could have searched for two pots of gold! But I was only able to get a small portion of it. Five of my coworkers joined me to take pictures of the rainbow too. It was nice too as it came with a cold front that did not produce thunderstorms or tornados.

  1. Well, spring nearly made an appearance, but back to winter…..we had over a foot of snow Saturday and it was very cold! Oh well…. : (
    Glad to see spring is making an appearance somewhere!
    One consolation for me is that because of the snow the goldfinches have finally come back. Had several at my feeders all weekend!

    • I still haven’t seen any gold finches yet but I’ve been looking! I’ve seen purple finches though. Spring took a brief recess today when we received about two inches of snow. It made everything look pretty and even though we had a mild winter here I have been looking forward to spring. Hope spring comes to Colorado soon!

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