Blooming Cactus, Doctor Who & Peace




This past Christmas my Mom gave me a cutting/transplant of a Christmas cactus she has had for a number of years. Mine turned out to bloom this Easter. It has nine blooms on it now with another four to bloom a little later. I have it sitting in my bathroom on a table my grandfather (my Mom’s Dad) made. He was a gardener and passed on the love of the flowers to my Mom who in turn passed it on to me and my sisters. Though I do believe I am the only one who does container gardening as I hate weeding after having to weed the gardens as a child. I vowed never again when I grew up. On the table along with cactus is a poinsettia that suddenly started to bloom again this January after not doing anything last year but grow. It has lovely white leaves sprouting with a hint of red running down the center of the leaves. I cannot bear to throw them out every year but I am not dedicated enough to give them however many hours of darkness that they need to bloom every year. My philosophy with plants is I will care for them, water them and give them access to sun but other than that they are on their on. Oh and I really hope they like eclectic music tastes-from Johnny Cash to Chris Botti, Of Monsters & Men to Irish Music, Peter Gabriel and everything in between-classical, jazz with some news. Anyhow I was excited to have cactus blooms. It reminded of visiting my Mom and step dad at their Arizona winter home in March a few years back. In my ignorance I expected flying into Phoenix I would only see variations of sand however what I saw was mountains and the land exploding with color as I was there when the cactus were in bloom. It was magnificent and I sight I will not forget.

The second picture is Abby sitting next to me but not on my lap. She has been needing a lot of attention lately. During her stay I have been sharing my love of Doctor Who with her and we have been enjoying the new C-Span series on the First Ladies. Last night we were a bunch of shows on Johnny Cash. One show was Song by Song which explores the background and influences of certain songs he sang. Then we watched a special when he performed in Folsom Prison. I loved it and Abby stayed the whole time watching it with me.

The last picture is of a few shelves of my horse book and horse collection. A friend is seriously looking into purchasing a horse. It has been fun to be there as a sounding board for her and we are headed to a horse expo next weekend for one of the days. I think Sunday. Horses-once in your blood never leave.

I have found a peace over the last few days I just can’t explain but it is a nice feeling. I still have bills to pay, every day struggles but right now I’m at peace.

I hope you enjoy your weekend. Happy post full moon. Happy Easter if you celebrate it. And just happiness and peace to all. For everyone still in winters grip or with snow on the ground in the northern hemisphere I hope spring comes soon!

6 thoughts on “Blooming Cactus, Doctor Who & Peace

  1. Your blog and photography are a delight. I could get lost in the photos of your bookshelves, they are so artfully arranged. Best wishes.

  2. The cactus is beautiful! I’m the same way about plants, mine are outside only as the cats tend to eat or dump them over in the house. Completely agree that horses are always in the blood, though I haven’t owned one in 17 years. 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by! I really appreciate it. So far my Mom’s & step Dad’s cat has only tried to eat one plant though she did knock another off of a table. Cats are funny about the plants aren’t they?

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