Birding, A Snow Day & Thanks!!




On Sunday I enjoyed the sunshine and did some bird watching around my neighborhood. I was happy to find my landlords liked the fact that I kept my bird feeders filled as they liked all the birds that visited. Last spring I showed them where mockingbirds had built nests in some of the bushes and shrubs about the yard. I had hoped to do some hiking this past weekend but injured my knee at work. However being at home was a nice time too! Abby the cat was happy though I wonder if she has her calendar out counting the days to when she will be going home. My Mom and step Dad are due back from their winter home in April. I think Abby gets more attention living with me as my place is smaller being an apartment and I let her sleep in my bedroom but I know she misses having a whole house to explore plus a screened porch to hang out on in the nice weather. She is good company for me in the winter.

I took the top picture Saturday at dusk while trying to find the comet Pan STARRS. I was not successful in locating it but really liked being outside listening to the spring peepers, trying to figure out what was rustling the reeds and grass behind me and watching the birds fly to the night roosts. Heard some foxes call out. An unnerving experience. But I’m glad to know what it sounds like.

Sunday night into Monday we snow for the first time all winter even though it was the first few days of spring. It was pretty, lots of big fluffy flakes. It just gathered on the grass, it tended to melt on the pavement. It was heavier than heavy snow, good for making snowmen as some enterprising kids did in town. I pulled over on my travels and took the middle picture. I have many fond memories of building snowmen while growing up.

The bottom picture is of Abby. Lately she has been sleeping at the end of my bed in addition to her blanket in my living room. She is a character.

I hope you all have a great Wednesday! It has been a little over a year since I started this blog and when I did I had no idea that anyone would ever read it nor that I would meet and correspond with so many wonderful people. I hope you enjoy it and continue on this journey with me. I hope to be blogging for a long time to come. I really appreciate each and every one who takes time to read, comment, and hopefully enjoy! Many thanks!!

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