Being Centered & Horses Calling




I have been working hard on being centered and living mindfully, however, today that all went out the door for a while when I was driving to meet my friend for lunch. I was nervous as I was not sure what to expect. Rather silly thinking as we have been friends for a number of years and we have talked almost every day for almost a year. But I’m still not sure where we stand, friends? More? I don’t know but I was freaking out driving to meet him. Then a friend said to me let it be. It’s lunch. And I have this vision in my brain I’m the only nervous one, he can’t possibly be nervous. Silly I know. We had a nice lunch, talked for hours and agreed to meet again. I still am not sure where we stand but that’s ok. I’m letting go of expectations and going with the flow. Prior me would have talked myself out of everything and overanalyzed the day. Surprisingly I am centered and happy whichever way this goes, friends or more. That is a big accomplishment for me. Maybe I needed to be a mess earlier in the day to come back to center.

I enjoyed tonight’s moon and the mist that was coming up off the meadows and fields. It made it all seem surreal.

I took the top picture at sunset about a month ago at a pet sitting job. If you look close you can see two sailboats, with sails down, facing me. The middle picture I took at my Mom and stepdad’s. When talking to my Mom this weekend she told me some of the iris will rebloom this year. I can’t wait. The bottom picture is of the pond out in front of my place. Right now it is lined by a pretty purple marsh flower.

Last night I went to dinner with my friend Jenn. We had a blast at Denny’s. Laughing at our own stories, laughing at the people’s stories around us and just enjoying hanging out. Jenn is pulling me back into the horse world again and I am not fighting it. I have missed it so. I look forward to it. I’m not sure if I’m more excited about teaching again or just being close to a horse. It is tough to explain.

I hope you got to see the moon tonight. It has been hyped so much in the news. Check out the stars and planets too. If you look close enough sometimes you can find satellites darting across the sky. Have a great evening!

4 thoughts on “Being Centered & Horses Calling

  1. Loved your sharing. It is hard not to race ahead into the future somewhere and miss the present moments, and the present is where it all happens! The moon has been beautiful but we used to count on full moons when I nursed to make for crazy behavior…so take heart and blame it on the moon!?

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