Fun at the Museum & Cemetery Tours





I got together with a great friend today and we hit the town. After we had a yummy lunch we headed to an art exhibit I wanted to see again. I first saw it with my Mom and was determined to see it again before it closed. The exhibit was by James Turrell called Perspectives. I thought the title was a mirror for my life right now. The volunteer at the museum was a charming and fun woman. My friend and I started out looking at holograms in the first gallery. Then after a group came out of the adjacent gallery we were told we could go in and see what I wanted to see. A piece called St.Elmo’s Fire. I loved it and could look at it and sit with it for hours. I was so hoping my friend liked it as Turrell’s work is unlike a lot of art. My friend was entranced with it and tried to figure out how the piece was done. I compared the piece to looking at infinity or at the edge of the universe. After we giggled, laughed and chatted about the piece for a while we headed out to the hallway gallery and were met by the volunteer. She led us on a lovely tour of his concept pieces. After she finished we went to the upstairs gallery and checked out the fruit and veggie sculptures of a local artist. For some reason my friend and I were intrigued by an open studio so we ventured in. I was drawn by the natural light and funky beams in the room. It was here I took the picture of him and I in the mirror.

After we finished in the museum we headed to the neighboring town to get homemade ice cream. We checked out the town cemetery as we left town. My friend is one of the few people who explores cemeteries with me and doesn’t find it odd or creepy. An aide-de-camp to George Washington when Washington was a general is buried here. The cemetery is a mix of old graves and recent ones. The most intriguing grave to me was one that looked like a sail. The person was in the navy and loved to sail. After this cemetery we headed back to Easton to check out the Quakers cemetery and grounds. Their place of worship is one of the oldest continuously used buildings in the US. We explored the place of worship too. It was very peaceful and my friend and I were moved being in the space even though neither of us are Quakers. Our last cemetery stop was another old one in Easton. One grave was of a young drummer boy in the Revolutionary War. We found many religious gravestones of bishops, priests of the Episcopal Church. I wanted to show my friend two gravestones that intrigued me when I lived two homes away from the cemetery. I used to explore it a lot.

After the cemetery tour we did a little Sunday drive and drove through the back roads around here. We drove by many old estates dating back as far as 1660’s. One of my favorite places to go by is just outside of Unionville. It is a magnificent stone ruins of an old church. It is tricky to get a shot as it sits at the foot of a drawbridge and the roads leading to it do not have a shoulder but I stopped today and took a picture from the car.


It was a great day and besides the company I now have a clean apartment. I tend to clean prior to having company. My kitchen, bathroom and living room are spotless now I just have to tackle my bedroom. I’m feeling compelled to downsize again and make donations.

I hope you find beauty and laughter in your daily life. I love to laugh and find beauty in all sorts of things, large and small, natural or manmade. Have a wonderful Monday, may you find peace and happiness there.

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