Rain, Art & Kind of Brave





It has been one of the rainiest summers I can remember since moving to Maryland twenty-three years ago. Last month we received twelve inches of rain. Usually by June we are in the middle of a drought and everything is brown and crunchy. A hurricane is the only thing that normally brings as much rain as we’ve received. Two pluses at least for me with as much rain as we’ve had is taking great pictures in the rain and everything is green and lush. The downside is voracious mosquitos and ticks. I’m hoping it is not raining tomorrow when the fireworks are taking place. I took the one fireworks picture two years ago just outside my home. My town sets off fireworks across the street from where I live.

I took the top picture at the art academy on Sunday. It is asparagus with knives and forks carved into the side. I loved it.

I’m looking forward to the day off on July 4th. No work at either job. I’m heading to my Mom’s for dinner and have invited my friend over if he has time. This sort of dating thing is a little confusing. I think it’s because I really have not dated since my divorce nine years ago. I’ve been on some dates with men over the years since the divorce but found myself settling and quickly finding I was happier alone. I’m no smooth operator. I feel like the awkward outcast when putting myself out there. My friend sounded happy with my invite for tomorrow but lord I stressed over asking him for three days. I’m still taking our friendship-relationship day to day and trying to remain mindful and in the present.

I’m looking forward to starting my latch hook kit tomorrow. I loved doing them as a child and teenager and indulged myself last weekend and bought a kit.
I hope to do some drawing too. I’ve taken all these pictures of flowers and animals and think I may start trying to draw what I see.

I hope you have a wonderful Fourth of July if you are in America and Happy Belated Canada Day to those up north. Thanks for reading and stopping by!

5 thoughts on “Rain, Art & Kind of Brave

  1. Sounds like a sweet way to spend the day. Good for you for asking your friend to dinner. I’m liking this story

  2. Love the asparagus!!….and your 4th pictures!! I am glad that you aren’t working! You are like my daughter and seem to be very busy! Slow day here and hoping for another “creative day”….love that kind! We will do my drawing here soon and then post the winner, along with my 4th blog!! Have a great day!! love, jane

  3. Loved that shot of the asparagus! It looks really huge, like maybe 6 feet tall? If that’s true, it’s even better.

    As for the relationship thing, all I can say is I really appreciate a guy who is easy-going and flexible. Somebody I would still be friends with even if we weren’t romantically involved. Sounds kind of boring, but I really value companionship over drama. Putting myself out there didn’t work for me–I had to just let go and let it happen in its own good time. Good luck!

    • The asparagus was about five feet tall and then on top of about a two foot riser. It was a great little art exhibit.

      I too have had my share of drama. I am looking for laid back and fun. So far so good and if doesn’t work out in the romance department I’m sure he and I will always be friends.

      Thanks for stopping by. I really enjoy your blog!

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