A Song In My Heart & My Horse




It was a humid and somewhat warm night tonight at work, not the warmest not the most humid but enough to make you sweat after just a little bit of exertion. The work is hard, fast and can be high pressured, most people after an adjustment handle it fairly well but the heat and humidity can wear anyone down. I am filling in this week for a coworker as well as last week. I know last week I got on a few of the employees nerves but we all got through it. They know I am a firm supervisor but can be flexible. Well tonight we were short staffed, it was humid, the belt kept getting jammed up so I went to one section to help out and was surprised when the two men unloading the trailers started singing to me. After they finished singing they wanted me to sing but I assured them I have no singing voice. I was happy they were still in a silly mood at the end of the shift and made others laugh around them as they sang.

When I got home from work still smiling from my serenade I set about cooking my supper and cleaning my apartment. I really wanted to see the meteor shower tonight as last night it was cloudy. I just went out twenty minutes ago and it is cloudy. I’m hoping when I finish writing it will have cleared up. Last year’s Perseid meteor shower was the best I have ever seen. In hopes of seeing the meteors the first picture was taken by my friend Jenn who went to the balloon festival with me. I love the way she captured the flame rising up inside the balloon.

I found out something recently and I’m not sure if it is a result of my being intensely private and not the type to share a lot of personal info or talk about myself even to friends and family, but some people recently have offered advice, unsolicited mind you, on my life and told me how my life is and how I need to live it and improve it. I did not respond to any of their advice but thought hmm you know all about me, how? since when we talk you do all the talking and never ask about me or what is going on in my life. Perhaps I need to be more aggressive about making myself heard but even from a small child in a large loud family I escaped to the quiet of my room with my books. I always do better one on one with people rather than big huge parties. I just find it interesting the way people try to project how my life should look as it’s unconventional as I’m single, work very strange hours, don’t mind being a geek and live life on my terms with or without advice.

I wanted to show in the bottom picture a painting of my horse that I had before she passed away twenty one years ago. She was a tough Morgan quarter horse cross that definitely lived life on her terms. She wanted to be outside 24/7 which she was after I moved to the second barn I worked at, she refused to drink water while inside, she could only be caught with the starlight peppermints. She taught me a lot about boundaries and respect. My favorite memory of her is when my best friend and a student of a fellow instructor rode my horse and the other oldest horse in the barn at a paper chase and won!

Well I’m off to see if the clouds have cleared. I hope you have a great day and has anyone ever surprised you with song?

8 thoughts on “A Song In My Heart & My Horse

  1. Hey Becca,
    Here’s some unsolicited advice about your life: You GO, girl! The only way to live it is on your own terms. Took me years to realize that. When anyone offers me advice about what I should or shouldn’t be doing, I digest it later to see if there’s any useful information that might add to my well-being. If so, I try to incorporate it. If not, into the black hole it goes.

    No need to make yourself more aggressive. Just smile, nod and do what you want later.

    Hope you got to see the meteors. I certainly didn’t. Blessings.

    • 🙂 thanks for the advice. I try to live life on my terms.
      Due to clouds again last night I was not able to see the meteors. I’ll keep looking up though maybe there will be stragglers tonight.
      Blessings back to you too!

  2. Thanks for sharing. I’m an introvert,and can relate to the preferences you have.Our society values extovert qualities it seems,but introverts have our own strengths. Meanwhile there are always people in life that want to tell others how to be.Thus the need for good friends,who accept me just as I am.

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