Traffic, A Barometer & Marshmallows




From November to April Route 50 from Ocean City to the Bay Bridge is virtually empty in the evenings when I head home from work on Fridays but come the first warm weekend or May it is heavy traffic of many wishing to reconnect with the Atlantic Ocean. And most people want to get there as fast as they can at the end of their very busy work week, home life or whatever may be going on. Some Friday afternoons when I head into work I hear on the radio there is a fifteen to twenty mile back up at the bridge the reverse happens on Sundays but instead of getting backed up at the bridge the traffic backs up at an interchange ten miles from my town and in my town itself. I try to avoid Route 50 on the weekends. But I did take the bottom picture coming home from a pet sitting job on a Sunday evening. The thing that fascinates me about human behavior is the people who block intersections in an effort to get through even if the light has changed to red on them. I want to post signs to remind them the ocean is not moving farther away, it will still be there no matter what time they arrive. Perhaps I am spoiled living on this side of the bridge and can reach the beach in an hour and fifteen minutes though I usually only go in the fall and winter. I believe Dan Rather had it correct when he said Americans can handle most everything but traffic. I have to head across the bridge on Sunday late morning and am trying to figure out when is a good time to leave to avoid the crowds coming home from the beach. Sometimes I wonder if I don’t stay in my rural cocoon a bit much but I do love it so.

It was an odd day today. I had a fun walk with a dog I walk Monday through Friday. Today she wanted to hunt frogs, birds and rabbits while we walk. Some days she loves to take long walks and other days she would prefer a very short walk. After I finished her walk I came home and let out my landlords dog. He is readjusting a little since last Thursday they had to put their Newfoundland to sleep. He was a grand old dog who reached the end of his time. He was my barometer of people as well as my security system when I would stay at their home. I will miss the old guy. He had a big heart and loved to hug. Work was slow tonight, no singing..

I was unable to see the meteors as it was cloudy Sunday and Monday then tonight stormy. I really need to straighten my apartment up and clean as well as get rid of some clutter but I have had a serious lack of get up and go where all of it is concerned. I’m hoping as the weekend approaches I will find a spark somewhere inside of me. I did treat myself to a brand new box of 48 pieces of sidewalk chalk. The colors have great names too. One of my all time favorite names is burnt sienna. There is timberwolf, cadet blue, tumbleweed, macaroni and cheese, dandelion, cerulean and purple mountains’ majesty. I can’t wait to use it. I’m thinking of buying a small blackboard since it keeps raining.

I took the sunflower picture at my Mom and step dad’s. The middle picture is of the marshmallow or marsh hibiscus flowers on the Choptank River. I just love them. They really brighten up the marsh. Osprey are usually flying about and have nests on the bridge and nesting platforms, red tailed and red shouldered hawks perch in dead trees, beaver dams are here and there, geese and ducks are usually swimming. The road goes right through the marsh. It was built in the 1930’s I believe and I don’t think in this day and age it would be allowed. But since it is where the road goes I do enjoy my ride through.

I will end this rambling post and wish you all a happy Wednesday!!

4 thoughts on “Traffic, A Barometer & Marshmallows

  1. Hi, Becca!

    Love the sunflower photo. One of my favorite flowers. So cheery and never fails to bring a smile to my lips. I usually purchase several packets of seeds of different varieties and have a blast planting in the spring. There are many pretty new sunflower types/colors and I love seeing them develop as they grow. And the birds love the seeds when the heads finally mature and dry up. A win-win situation for all.

    Been raining all day today here in my neck of the woods. Feels like I am about to grow a pair of fins as this is on top of 50% rain yesterday. And hot as Hades. Like, you, I have little get up and go right now that I think is due to this heat/humidity. Can hardly wait for winter this year!

    Hope you enjoy playing with your chalk. Interesting color names. The blackboard idea sounds like a winner!
    Pearl River, Louisiana

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