Antares & Checking In




I actually was able to see the daytime launch of the Antares rocket from Wallops Island today that is now heading to the International Space Station. I was a little worried I would not be able to see it as I have a bit of a hard time picking out the rocket in the daytime. But thankfully this rocket lifted off slowly. I was able to locate the contrails, then saw the flames of the engine and finally the sunlight caught the side of the rocket which Orbital Sciences and I am also assuming NASA painted white. I believe the payload will get to the space station this weekend. I decided today I’m driving to Wallops or Assateague for the next launch.

I have been the busiest this year than I have ever been pet sitting. Not really sure what is different about this year as last year was pretty lean. I did find out that some jobs I normally take I had to recommend other pet sitters to the pet owners and the other pet sitters Arr overwhelmed by the job. I’m not sure if running horse farms for a long time, pet sitting most any animal but snakes or working part time for a shipping company has taught me to handle stress and the demands of pet owners but there are not many jobs that bug me. The only thing that really gets to me is being away from home for more than two weeks at a time. I have learned to travel with my own toilet paper as most homes I stay at never have spare rolls, a flashlight and my own pillows.

Two things I have noticed on my travels lately is the roses blooming in one of my clients yards. The top two are from their garden and smell heavenly. I love roses. The second is one thing I only recently discovered is when I drive down one street at night the interior of this particular stone church is lit up. I can look through the windows as I drive towards it and see right down to the altar. It is very peaceful. If they left the doors unlocked I would stop in and pray even though I am not a member of their church or denomination. It just calls to me. But I’m pretty sure someone opening their doors at eleven o’clock at night to pray in the church would probably result in the police or sheriff being called in my small town.

I called and talked to a dear friend of mine this weekend who lives in Colorado. She lives on high ground near the Denver airport but her family lives quite close to all the flooding. Her niece was one of the many school children rescued by Blackhawk helicopter while on a school trip. She is safe and sound back with her family.

Closer to home for me was the violence that occurred at the Washington Navy Yard. It is still hard to comprehend all that happened. I wish the insanity of gun violence will end but I fear it will not happen in my lifetime.

I have been listening to a lot of books on cd lately as I travel from job to job. Do you ever listen to books on cd, tape or otherwise or am I old fashioned? I never knew I was a nerd or a geek until I was in my thirties so I’m not sure where I stand in the books on cd point.

I’m looking forward to caring for some horses starting tomorrow and some of my favorite dogs and cats. I think I’m going to teach riding on Sunday. I also hope to start a book called Julia’s Cats Julia Child’s Life in The Company of Cats by Patricia Barey and Therese Burson. Who knew she was a cat person? I had seen the cat cutouts on her tv shows behind her by the sink and also at her kitchen at the Smithsonian but never put two and two together. Sometimes the simplest things elude me but I could explain quantum physics. Go figure.

Are you a cat person? Dog person? Horse person? A combo?

I hope you have a great rest of the week.

2 thoughts on “Antares & Checking In

  1. Beautiful roses, one of my favorite flowers too!
    Glad your friend and her family are safe! The damage is tremendous here, but so is the courage and kindness of the people here too.
    Love audio books, I am listening to the Mitford Series of books on tape right now!
    I’d classify myself as a lover of all animals person!
    Enjoy your Sunday, Becca!

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