Listening & The Singing Universe



After a fast paced, stressful two weeks I find myself longing for peace and quiet at my own place. Work has been demanding with my night time job and pet sitting. Lately I have had a number of people who run house cleaning businesses also start offering pet sitting as they told me pet sitting is easy money. From where I stand it is not, based on the insurance I carry and the standard of care I give animals. I try to tailor my pet sitting to make sure I give the pets the time they need and the best care I can give them. I had a house cleaner call me and ask if they could give my number to someone. I said sure and thanks. I was shocked when she told me how much she charged as it is half of what I charge and she does not carry liability insurance for caring for pets. I do not care for pets in my home due to the insurance I carry and my home is for me. I love animals and would love to have a dog again sometime in the future but I don’t want to bring my work home with me. I love caring for animals and have met some great people and pets but it is a lot of responsibility to care for someone’s pet and their home. I love caring for older pets and their needs.

My landlord’s had to put their second dog to sleep on Friday three weeks after their last dog was put to sleep. It has been sad, stressful but also good to remember my buddies. They were great dogs with big hearts. The one bit of good news I did get was Sydney a cat I have written about before and photographed is doing much better than the vets expected. He was given six months to live six months ago and was just given another six months after his last check up. He is very sweet and I always worried when his owners called it would be to tell me had passed but he is doing well.

At my night time job an older couple came in this week to ship their deceased dog to a university that is doing a breed study on some of the genetic reasons these dogs are dying at the time they are. My co worker panicked by their statement when they came in but I have handled the shipment of three other dogs and was familiar with the procedures and requirements. As the husband was filling out the paperwork I started talking with the wife who was visibly upset. She proceeded to share some lovely memories of their dog and after ten minutes was doing a bit better. I believe they will get another dog. They thanked me very much for helping them, listening and understanding. I don’t think we like to handle the alleged negative or messy emotions in general-at work and with family, people tend to share the most remarkable things with me-from the depths of grief and despair, fear and anger to happiness. Many people seem afraid to show their messy emotions. I think maybe people would get along a little better if people shared more. I have to confess after writing that last statement I have been putting people in my life who don’t have time for me on a back burner. Now I know people get busy, I’m talking about people in our lives who only speak of themselves, think of themselves and think nothing of sharing their life with you without even asking how are you. I guess I just don’t understand how people lack empathy or just stop talking long enough to ask how you are.

I did take a couple of hours and go to an art/historical show at the local art academy with my mom. It was great fun and very interesting. The two pictures are of my home. Mighty Misha who left the world on Friday can be seen in the bottom right of the top picture. I am looking forward to a little quiet time Tuesday and Wednesday. Tuesday is supposed to be another rocket launch from Wallops Island though this will be a day time launch which is tougher for me to see. Oh I almost forgot! Voyager 1 entered interstellar space recently. I was so excited. If you get a chance look it up on YouTube the sounds of Voyager in interstellar space. It is a hauntingly beautiful, eerie and spine tingling sound. I love that the universe sings even when we think it is dark. Maybe I need to remember that as I head into this week.

Thanks for reading to the end and I apologize for being a bit bleak in the beginning.


6 thoughts on “Listening & The Singing Universe

  1. It always amazes me how many people operate a business with no insurance and offer cut-rate prices. I have way too much to lose if my business causes someone harm, so I’m insured. You would think that customers would appreciate business owners who care enough about their business to carry insurance. A list of services provided and an explanation of the extraordinary care offered should reassure clients that the money spent is well worth it. I would much rather hire a self-employed person than a large company which just sends out an employee with no vested interest in the reputation or welfare of the company.

    • Thanks! I feel a lot better after receiving your comments and others people have sent. The other side of frustration is coming in after a customer had a bad experience with someone they hired who was uninsured not bonded with little animal or house sitting experience. When I first started out my first few interviews with people started with the statement the last pet sitter lost our pet, caused the death of our pet or was never here. I really love what I do. I would love to get back with horses more too. Thanks for your support! I really appreciate it.

  2. So Sorry about Misha……
    Hope you get your peaceful time, sounds like you do need it.
    Don’t apologize for how you are feeling!
    Thanks for feeling that you can share and be honest!

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