Resting, Kinzer & Reading




After having a last minute cancellation with a pet sitting job this coming weekend I realized I was a bit relieved. I think I need a little bit of a breather. I’m looking forward to being home and relaxing. I am still caring for the horses seen in the eye close up and rolling. I’m also teaching again. That’s my friend and her horse in the top picture.

I have been teaching my friend since she was five and her Mom brought her to the farm I was running and also teaching beginners to ride. I taught her until she went to college. Now seven years later she has purchased the paint horse you see pictured above. This horse named Kinzer towers above the ponies that live at the farm. People are amazed with the grace that my friend and Kinzer move together. They make a great partnership. People see Kinzer-see a draft horse paint cross and assume she moves like a Budweiser Clydesdale. Kinzer has done fox hunting, eventing and dressage. She is very mellow and laid back.

I’m ever so grateful to my friend for pulling me back into the horse world. I miss it so and am enjoying caring for two horses at the moment. The horses owner is recovering from a knew replacement. I head down to the barn, pick out a radio program from either the TED radio hour or Snap Judgement, get a pitchfork and start cleaning. After doing their stalls I clean their water trough, pasture and groom them.

I have been enjoying all the Canada geese migrating to the Chesapeake Bay region. Eastern Bluebirds are sitting on the telephone and electrical wires, mockingbirds are singing. Two dogs I was caring for got me up early every morning for two weeks. I saw lots of sunrises, the moon, Jupiter, Mars and Saturn. Two morning I saw incredible bright passes of the International Space Station. I love the night sky with all the stars, planets and moon.

I’m hoping to tidy my place this weekend as I am heading to New England in a couple of weeks for a family vacation. After the family time I am meeting with friends in Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island. One friend I have not seen since we graduated high school twenty five years ago. Another friend I have not seen in at least ten years. One friend is my piano teacher from when I was growing up.

I’m hoping to start reading two Stephen King books soon. A coworker recommended them to me. I have only read three of his books. Even though reading books can be a solitary experience I do enjoy the connections after.

I hope you have a great Friday. Thanks for reading my blog. I really do appreciate and love hearing from everyone.

8 thoughts on “Resting, Kinzer & Reading

  1. The sunrises and sunsets,and nature is what i enjoy as much as anything petsitting for my moms critters. She has an old paint who is very easy.
    i wish some friend from my past would pull me back into the dog world.Not the politics and egos,but the access to some great dogs from intelligent breeding programs. Something that makes me feel like a kid again.
    i’ve learned that i need to dip my toes in the water of those things to awaken the passion for them, without awakening “resistance”. …and a move to where i can actually do my hobbies again.

    • I’ve never been involved in the dog world other than caring for dogs with my pet sitting. I can tell you love it and miss it. I’m too much of a small dot in the horse world to be involved in the politics. Both my friend and I love the farm we are at as there are no politics and we are unknown. I do hope you find what reawakens your passion. Thanks for your thoughts and insights. Do share if you get back into the dog world.

      • We have a premier dog and cat show place on the edge of town! It’s the eukanuba hall at roberts center,in Wilmington Ohio. I’ve been to all the specialty dog shows,and just walking into the hall brings it all back.There have been
        Afghan Hounds,Chesapeake bay retrievers,Wire Fox terrier,Irish water Spaniels,and coming this month is the bull terrier…
        The cat shows and cat advocacy is my main thing now,so there is the
        national feral cat day October 16,and the need to get everyone aware of TNR vs catch and kill.
        I’m also a pet- adoption coach, helping people rehome their pet(faster,better,cheaper) to the best possible home, as well as helping before they select a pet! I am looking at how to teach what I’ve learned to a wide audience,so more later!

  2. Becca it is always a happy surprise to see your blog in my email. I love your insights and your appreciation of the dogs and horses that you care for, and your love of nature.

  3. Becca, love the horse’s eye picture!!! Your blog is such a bright spot in my day. Keep up the great work.

    Take care,
    Pearl River, Louisiana

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