Darkness, Geese & Contrails




Tonight as I was driving home from a pet sitting job I had to cross the Dover Bridge which crosses the Choptank River. The road itself runs right through the marsh. It was built in the1930’s. In this day and age a road running through marsh land would not even be considered. After many years battle funding finally came through to build a new bridge. I imagine the new bridge and road will stay out of both the river and marsh. Anyhow what caught my eye tonight as I was the only on the road and the bridge was the darkness. Darkness was present as far as my eye could see both left and right, up and down the river. I loved it. I have been drawn to open spaces, dark skies and nature even more lately. I wanted to stop my car and drink in the darkness but this road has a very small shoulder and people come flying off the bridge. The chances of being hit are pretty good. During the day you can see osprey nests, geese, ducks, beaver dens, turtles, snakes, marsh grass and reeds.

Prior to the pet sitting job the sunset drew me outside. As soon as I stepped out my door a flock of geese flew overhead. I wasn’t quick enough to get any pictures but stood on awe of them flying over in their V. The top picture is of my favorite stand of trees out my back door and across a field. As I snapped away, happy with life, I heard one honk. I turned around and saw another flock of geese coming at me flying over heading to their nighttime accommodations. I managed to get four pictures of the geese. After the first honk the only sound that was being made was their wings. I love the noise it makes. It is hard to describe but it is a unique sound. I’m assuming it is their wings it may be sounds the geese make that are not honks.

I took the last photo of the airplane passing overhead as I headed back inside. The airplane contrail catches my eye especially as the sun goes down and it’s light still catches the painted aluminum as it streaks through the sky. Airplanes remind me of my Dad. He used to travel four to five days a week for his job and at times would be on three and four flights a day. I realized recently as I drove to another job I am a lot like my Dad besides looking like him. I put many thousands of miles on my car every year, sleep away from home quite a lot and really appreciate my home. I never really understood as a child why my Dad was never crazy about travel for vacations. I get it now. Tonight is my third night home in a row and I am loving it.

The rocket launch I watched last month from my back yard arrived in orbit around the moon today. I hope to travel to Wallops Island in December to see a rocket launch closer than my backyard.

Have a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “Darkness, Geese & Contrails

    • I just love the geese. Snow geese too. Though they do not migrate to our area in the vast numbers that the Canada geese do. I never really connected with the geese when I lived in New England but once I moved to Maryland they became a big part of my fall and winter life.

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