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First off my apologies for the previous untitled one picture post of the horses. I was still uploading pictures and hit the wrong button. I could not figure out how to cancel it or get it back.

I have been listening to the rain fall for four days now. Sometimes it pours, sometimes it is a lighter steadier rain while others it just mists. I have been enjoying observing the sparrows at one pet sitting job gather under the shrubs, under eaves and any place they can try to stay a bit dry. At first I thought they were injured as they were all on the ground, kind of puffed up but as I approached they took off.

The geese have arrived in full force which in turn has brought out more bald eagles. I was watching a field of geese today when they suddenly took to the air. I looked up to see two bald eagles fly over just barely skimming the treetops. The eagles appeared to be in pursuit of something other than the geese however I’m not a goose with instincts so I don’t know. But the flock scattered.

Two things happened at my night time job this week that made me step back a little. One of my jobs is answering the phones. I try to answer the phone smiling and be helpful. A coworker from another building calls for a report every evening. He remarked that he wanted to come work with me as I am always so happy. Instead of taking it as a compliment I went on the defensive and said are you serious or sarcastic? He got flustered and said serious and hung up. I was taken a back as some coworkers say I am serious and glum at times. But I had to really stop and reexamine who was making that observation and realize it was the other person projecting their feelings on me. I am happy and I think it shows. I get tired of getting pulled down by others who are in the process of not letting their light shine. Someone once told me it is easier to be unhappy than it is to be happy. It took me a while to understand that but I do. It has cost me some friendships but I feel like attracts like.

The second thing that happened at work was when a coworker introduced someone he was training to me. He told the man Rebecca is the most important person in the building. I laughed and he got mad. He chastised me and said you
are and you need to recognize and accept it. I said ok. And tried to make a quick exit. But as the night wore on and I helped many people and did my job I thought maybe he is right. People wait for me to get to work to call, I try my best to troubleshoot problems and can keep my mouth shut when people bring me issues they want to vent or if they want me to elevate it to the next level.

Funny the perceptions you have of yourself and that others place upon you. Sometimes they match up, sometimes they don’t. People often assume since I’m a woman I must want to be a mother. I was never blessed with the maternal instinct but it doesn’t prevent people from asking when I’m planning on having one. Others think since I am a woman I would hate astrophysics. I love it. I like the way my head hurts sometimes when I am trying to understand an equation but then when I get it, yahoo!

Hope you have a great weekend. October is a beautiful month.

8 thoughts on “Perceptions & Happiness

  1. I just sent my husband to a day seminar that I wanted to go to, but had little need for right now…it was on Noxious People in the work place…and how to recognize them, what it means and how to deal/cope with them. It was very validating for him. How often we take on the problems of others or get caught up in their misery and we really don’t need to, though sometimes we have to deal with the misery they cause in the work place. It was interesting that they apparently advocated that when you have a choice, don’t deal with them….As in pick a healthier setting if possible….wise words. It takes a lot of energy to deal with others issues. It is sad too that we can’t trust others…too much falseness out there…You are positive Becca and that is a real plus!! Also, we know our own issues and think that others know them too…often they see our best, and compliment us on that…we do need to accept that without guilt! Dealing with our own issues and not laying them out on others is a real plus too–so hang in there and trust just how wonderful you really are! With love! jane

  2. Men need to be talked to in a language they understand. I have come across as abrasive,and wanting to treat my male co-workers like I treat female co-workers(alternately).I studied some John Gray,and started practicing,and the results were immediate and suprising,and took some getting used to when you learn a new skill.
    Sounds like you were sincerely complimented,and then were not appreciative in the way you responded. Men are from Mars you know. saying “thankyou” is music to their ears.

  3. An interesting exercise, if you’re brave enough to do it, is to have a little conversation with various people and ask them, seriously, how they see you and what they really think of you. Most people will be taken aback a bit at first, but when they see that you really want to know, they will give you an honest answer. As long as you think you can handle the answers, this can be quite enlightening. You don’t have to report back :-)…I just put this one out there because you discussed it a bit in your post.

  4. Thanks Becca for sharing the inter-office interpersonal complications. Somehow it’s reassuring to know that you’re not the only person struggling with these frustrations.

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