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I had not realized how busy I have been since August until I went on my vacation last Friday to Maine. It was actually nice to get in my car and drive north first to Connecticut and the second day to Maine. The drive in the past stressed me a bit but this time I enjoyed looking at the scenery that went by my window. I had some audio CD books that I listened to and relaxed as I drove.

I had a great visit in Connecticut with my cousin and we headed out on Saturday morning to Effie’s Place, a great little diner. It has become tradition to head there Saturday morning prior to me driving to Maine. As I drove up to Maine from Connecticut I loved the colors on the trees and my favorite white birch trees stood out among the rest of the trees. I know I’ve made it to Maine when I pull into the first rest area on the Maine Turnpike. I enjoy its log cabin feel, the clean restrooms and walking around all the displays set up telling all about Maine, where to stay, what to do, where to eat and fun things to do.

As I drove up to motel after my peaceful rest stop I know I am close when Stonewall Kitchens is in front of me when I get off the MaineTurnpike. Rather than staying on Route 1 to head to Ogunquit I treat myself to the picturesque ride on Shore Road-it runs from York to Ogunquit. It is beautiful-it goes by lovely homes, peaks of the rocky coast, a quaint church, stonewalls and a sweet little cove. Traffic coming into Ogunquit was stop and go which I’m sure irritated the locals and eager vacationers but I loved being able to take in everything. The town’s scarecrow competition, the fall foliage, the ocean, the cool stone library and people.

I met up with family at the motel. We made plans for dinner and enjoyed seeing each other. I only see my sisters once a year so it was good to see them. I love walking the Marginal Way, listening to the ocean, watching the paddle boarders and just relaxing. All the pictures but the light house were taken from the Marginal Way. I walked it many times while I was there. One evening I came across a bagpiper playing on the rocks along the Marginal Way. He looked sheepish as he passed me I told him he should keep playing as it sounded great traveling up the coast. As I walked up the way I could hear him trying out different places to play. When I came back by twenty minutes later the bagpiper picked a nice spot to play and had attracted a crowd of thirty or so people listening to him play and taking photos of him out on the rocks.

After leaving Maine I went and visited three old friends. One was a friend I have known since kindergarten. However, the last time we met was twenty five years ago. It was great to see him. I rode a train an hour and twenty minutes one way to meet him but it was so worth it. We had a great meal at a Vietnamese restaurant. I am looking forward to seeing him next year. I next met up with another long time friend. It was lovely to see her and her husband. I actually have known her husband since elementary school when we played little league baseball together. I met her in junior high school. As lunch progressed I found myself sharing episodes of my life I have only shared with a few people. They were dark times in my life but I have moved on and grown from then. My last stop was visiting my piano teacher who taught me from the time I was eight until I was seventeen. All in all it was wonderful to see my friends and catch up. They remind where I came from and who I am. I am so glad they met with me and that we kept in touch.

My vacation gave me time to rejuvenate and reflect on some things that have happened recently. I am looking forward to the future with a happy heart and a new outlook towards the future.

I really appreciate everyone who reads my blog. I love hearing from you when you chose to share. I hope you are having a great October.

10 thoughts on “Vacation, Maine & Friends

  1. Beautiful pictures! Glad you had such a refreshing and happy vacation. I know how you feel about that. Vacations recharge me and give me a new hope for the future. How fun to reconnect with old friends! This past May we visited with my cousin in TN who I hadn’t seen in 25 years or so. It was such a good visit. We spent happy hours reminiscing and laughing. Another great thing from that same trip is that I got to meet my older sister from my biological family! She, along with her daughter, made us feel so welcomed and loved!
    I am having a great October, especially enjoying the beautiful fall colors. Especially appreciated after the tragedy and destruction of the floods last month.
    Enjoy your Sunday, and the rest of your October!

  2. I think, Becca, that you were my surrogate in taking this trip. My cousin has a small rental home in Maine, my ancestors came from Maine, I love Maine! It’s on my bucket list to get up there in the Fall. You took me there this year.

    Love your blog, as always. Keep it coming.

    • Glad you enjoyed my Maine post. I highly recommend visiting in it in the fall. It is the best! Where is your cousin’s cabin? In the forest and lakes or on the coast? I hope you get up there. Wonderful to hear from you!

      • My cousin’s place is in Stonington, on Deer Isle. He now has a year-round tenant in the house, so that does away with my using it if I ever got up there. And so it goes…..

  3. So GLAD you enjoyed your time away. Your pictures are beautiful. We vacationed in Moosehead Lake, ME when I was 14 or so and I still remember its beauty.

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