Pine Trees & Happy 2014




I’ve been walking a lot of dogs over the past few months and caring for lots of properties and what has been catching my eye over the past week or two are the pine trees or evergreens. I’m not a tree person so I don’t know if you can use the two terms interchangeably or if that is a sin. I just know that while I’ve been walking the trees and the pine needles have called to me. I am entranced too with the pine cones some are just starting to bud while others have fallen to the ground. I am fascinated by the different needles and cones. I remember as a child going with my mom to different areas of town to collect lines cones. She was making wreaths for a project but I don’t remember for what. What I do remember is up to that point I never knew pine cones came in so many sizes and shapes. I loved going into the woods and forests and walking silently over the pine needles in search of the pine cones. The pine trees I think drew me over the past few weeks as they are always there in every season, through the frigid cold, blazing heat and flooding rains but they endure. It spoke to me.

I have never cared for New Year’s resolutions and honestly rather hate them. I think part of it comes from working for a shipping company. One of the big accounts is a diet food plan. Every January instead of one tractor trailer a night to unload it jumps to three until March when everyone has fallen off the diet wagon or the three month trial period ended. But I digress as I tend to do. I say try to live each day the best you can and without regrets. I learned that at an early age but at times struggle to remember to do so myself.


I am looking forward to creating fun stuff with all the things I purchased at the art store. And to read all the cool books I received for Christmas and that I bought for myself. I love audiobooks as I’m in my car a lot traveling job to job and get tired of listening to the news and music. I am really looking forward to my Doctor Who cd’s and Michael Palin’s travel cd’s. I hope I never lose my wonder and awe of nature and the universe. And I hope if there is one thing I can work on this year and every year, though my friends say I do well with it already but I don’t think I do, is that I would like to accept change more gracefully and without fear.

Are you doing any cool creative things this month? This year? Reading or listening to any good books?

I wish everyone a happy, healthy, wealthy and peaceful 2014. May blessings abound, friendships expand and love grow. Namaste.

6 thoughts on “Pine Trees & Happy 2014

    • That is one of the books I bought myself for Christmas. I’m looking forward to it. I also received a book called Burning the Midnight Oil Illuminating Words for the Long Night’s Journey Into Day compiled by Phil Cousineau I thought it was appropriate given my night time work and propensity to write and create in the midnight to 3:00 am hours!

  1. I don’t know pines either but enjoy the variety. Hemlocks are a pleasure when I am in an area where they grow. Good books, working some creative art sounds like a good winter ahead for you. As per your creative things we might have planned. My “Little Woman” and I are doing the cy365 project with other members of our photography club. The challenge to take a photo a day with a list of subjects for each day. This should expand my photography as I must shoot subjects I normally wound not. Here is wishing you a wonderful relaxing and creative year.

  2. Hi Becca! I’m with you, ready to jump into the books and audio books I got for Christmas from my husband! January is a quieter time for me and I love to stay inside (and warm) and read. Just finished two of Jon Katz’s audio books, Izzy and Lenore, and Rose in a Storm, and I’m currently reading Thunder Dog, the story of the blind man and his guide dog who escaped from the World Trade Center on September 11th. I’ve been starting to do crossword puzzles and the most creative I plan to be is starting my winter jigsaw puzzle! Wishing you a happy, peaceful, and fun New Year too!

    • Sounds like a great start to the year. I enjoyed reading Thunder Dog. I’ve seen the man speak a few times in some shows. He always makes me cry when he says some of the firefighters heading up the stairs stopped to pet his dog but he did not want to tell them that his dog was working. And he said he was glad he did not as it may have been the last bit of unconditional love and peace they may have had. I hope you enjoy the book. I myself am looking forward to reading the Second Chance Dog by Jon. Have a great January!

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