My Friend Jenn & Jupiter





I am heading to the Maryland Horse Expo on Saturday with my friend Jenn. That is her in the top photo with her Percheron/Paint cross named Kinzer. Last year when we went to the expo she did not have a horse but had looked at about six at the time. By the middle of summer she had looked at eight more before she found Kinzer. Kinzer has turned out to be a great fit for Jenn and Jenn for Kinzer. I think Kinzer enjoys being a one person horse rather than having to be shared. Anyways back to the expo, it is a lot of fun and a lot of madness. It is a trade show, breed expo along with demos on all three days. You have cowboys alongside dressage people, pony clubbers, horse crazy kids and middle age people getting back into riding all rubbing shoulders with each other. I love the madness of it all and being immersed in all things horses.

I first met Jenn when she was five and arrived at my barn for lessons. Twenty five years later I still teach her and we are great friends. We have gone to balloon festivals, the horse expo and many late night Denny’s runs. She is a vet assistant as well as a writer and helps me with my pet sitting. Even though we are years apart age wise she is one of my best friends and a friend I can call anytime day or night for anything. Thankfully I’ve only had to call once late at night. I enjoy our late night Denny runs. We have the best time catching up, laughing, making up stories about fellow diners. I thank Jenn too as she brought me back into horses. And she has never told me I have too many books in my apartment as many others tell me without my asking their opinion. I love books and reading. And I think everyone should have their own traveling library. Knindles and Nooks have made traveling libraries easier but they cause my to get migraines so its paper for me!

The second picture is from a property I look after. I just loved the way the sun shone through the trees and on the river. I stood by the riverbank watching the geese and ducks. Bufflehead ducks being favorites. I like to guess where they will resurface after they dive. It was so wonderful to see the sun yesterday and today. We have had a lot of rain and gray skies lately.

The two Jupiter pictures are of course from NASA. I took a class this weekend and Jupiter was a big part of the class. And Jupiter has been so prevalent in the night sky over the past few months. I love it. Jupiter is like a mini solar system with all it’s moons orbiting it. I can usually see four of them with my binoculars. I am intrigued with all the bands and stripes of Jupiter. The storms that swirl around it and its immense size. Do you have a favorite planet? Most people like Saturn with its rings, some will always say the earth.

I hope you have a friend(s) like Jenn and take a look at the night sky if you get a chance. Jupiter has been to the left of Orion lately. If you are a true night owl Saturn and Mars are coming up later on in the evening-after eleven or twelve.

Have a great Tuesday!!

4 thoughts on “My Friend Jenn & Jupiter

  1. Enjoy the horse expo! I’ve been to the Equine Affaire a couple of times and had a great time and got some great shopping bargains as a bonus! When I first read your blog post title, I thought Jupiter was the name of the horse! Probably because I knew someone who had a black horse named Jupiter! Pics of the planet always look kind of mysterious to me. Don’t know what the planet is composed of but prefer to imagine it.

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