Fairy Tale Woods & Loving Life




I loved the way the sun setting looked coming through the trees. It reminded me of the woods described so many times in the fairy tales I read growing up or the forests of mystery books. I sat at the intersection for a long time enjoying the view and dreaming up stories. As I drove home I took some pictures of the beautiful crescent moon with the earthshine. I love dusk and the mysteries it holds. It is where I feel comfortable and look forward to the night. Most people look forward to day I on the other hand look forward to the night.

I have grown to love all the seasons though for a long time winter was my downfall. I would lapse into deep depressions and struggle until the earth started tipping its northern hemisphere towards the sun. I found that the Canada geese migrating south in the winter to where I live helps me a lot. I look forward to their arrival and am sad when they leave. But as they leave the osprey arrive. I have been enjoying viewing the trees minus their leaves. I especially like when the sky is gray and the trees stand out even better. I am especially drawn to the trees that surrounding farm houses and the trees that stand in the fields with the houses long gone.

I am at a place in my life where I feel I have a firm grasp of my history of depression and can finally head it off at the pass when it tries to invite itself in. When my landlords put their property on the market I actually took it in stride and for once in my life am not fearing change. I may be able to stay with the new property owners or I may find a new place to live. My stress at work has gone down and I feel at peace with my life.

I am really enjoying finding beauty in every day-in nature, in books, magazines and in every day living. I look forward to teaching dressage as the spring comes, trying new experiences and just enjoying life and all it has to offer. I hope you find beauty in the every day and check out the night sky. It is filled with magic and wonder.

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