Skies, Clouds & Birds




We have had some amazing skies the last four days. First the clouds danced across the sky, sometimes angry, sometimes funky. Lovely sunsets followed. Friday we had howling winds, a tornado watch, thunder, lightening, and downpours but it led into a stunning rainbow and a beautiful sunset. This weekend it was lovely, warm with blue skies . I started to see the first of the Canada geese leave for their homes up north. The geese I saw leaving were up a couple thousand feet and heading north. I took all the pictures shown in the last three days.

Life is funny with its twists and turns. I had a man reappear in my life unexpectedly this past week. What he shared with me was not what I was expecting. I need to decide if I want to open my heart to him or remain as acquaintances as we have been the last few years. My heart leapt in my throat when I saw his face again. I am torn. It’s interesting but when I am most unsure in my life is when I am most in tune with animals. Be it the pets I care for or animals I encounter in nature.

While out photographing the sunsets the past two nights the neighbor’s cat joins me. I enjoy the companionship and am touched that she wants to hang out with me. I often wonder what she sees on our walks. She seems to know when I need company.

I have seen many kingfishers, eagles and robins lately. I was excited to see a pileated woodpecker. They are always stunning. I’m looking forward to the spring peeper frogs. I love their calls most of all.

Well now that I’ve reached the end of this post I have realized I think I’m ready for spring as I am sure most of you are. Do you have any favorite sites or sounds that spell spring for you?

6 thoughts on “Skies, Clouds & Birds

  1. Hi – Just want to pass along something that you might enjoy watching since you love animals, nature and birds – goggle  ==   Berry  College   —   when you do that click onto Berry College – Official Site –  then go to the bottom of the page on the right and you will see Eagle Cam  – click on to that and you can witness a Bald Eagle nest – they have a write up of all the information concerning the nest – there were two eggs – one hatched on Feb. 22 and the other one should hatch just about anytime – right now they have the camera off but I am hopeful that they will turn it back on early this morning – this is located on the Berry College campus in Rome, Georgia – I enjoy your bldg and the pictures that you post – hope you enjoy watching this eagle family – have a blessed and happy day – Adele Furtick

  2. Lovely photos! I look for the first leaves of the spring bulbs to start coming up, when I find them (which I did yesterday!) I know spring is not too far behind! Now here in Colorado we have the most snow in March (usually) but also many warm, sunny days. We also can have snow into June! But there is hope and I see it coming up!
    Good luck with your decision. Seems like your reaction to seeing him again tells alot…….hope all works out well!
    Enjoy your week!

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