Sunsets, Zodiacal Light & Oxford Park








I filled in for a coworker this week and was treated to some fabulous sunsets, a fireball meteor and the Space Station going overhead. Usually I’m inside the building for my job duties but in doing my coworker’s job I was outside for most of the week. I loved it . The final picture is of Oxford Park in Oxford MD. I bought my lunch and parked my car and enjoyed the view. If it wasn’t so cold with the wind blowing off the river would have gotten out and sat by the river. It is a beautiful park and one of my favorites.

2 thoughts on “Sunsets, Zodiacal Light & Oxford Park

    • I had to look it up as I heard the name on the news for the meteor I saw. It is an extra bright meteor that can be as bright as Venus in the sky as it is coming down. It was like watching a firework come down. It was pretty cool.

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