Looking Back & Forward





I had not realized I had been in a bit of a late winter funk until I realized how long it has been since I have written on here. I have enjoyed spring’s arrival though did find myself a bit wary to accept that it was here. It seems like this past winter we would have cold spells then very warm weather then immediately after the warm weather we would have a snow storm with howling winds. Looking back over my photos of the past two years I found the flowers are blooming two to three weeks later this year. I have enjoyed the daffodils blooming and spring peeper frogs peeping.

Over the winter I acquired many books to read, many non fiction and some fiction. I really get a kick out of children’s fiction and young adult fiction. I’m currently reading Margaret Peterson Haddix The Missing Series. I find children and young adult fiction to be as entertaining and intelligent as most adult fiction books. And they can be a welcome distraction from all of life’s seriousness.

The osprey have returned again from South America. They have been hunting on the river and the ponds out front. The turkeys have been strutting with their feathers all spread. The Canada geese for the most part have gone home. Probably the best bird I saw recently was a pileated woodpecker.

I have recently returned to a job where I am caring for horses, chickens and sheep including ewes that are lambing. The lamb I included in the photo is a freckle face like me. I really like her. I’m getting the hang of being around sheep again. It was a bit overwhelming the first two weeks with many ewes lambing, some lambs had to be bottle fed. I’m much more comfortable caring for horses but getting better with the sheep.

The bottom two pictures are flashes from my past. The first one is of my very first horse trial at Olde Hope Farm in Earleviile MD. The horse Red and I finished second in dressage and second overall in our class. We jumped clean in cross country and stadium jumping. It was a lot of fun. Red knew far more than I did and showed me the ropes. I enjoyed it very much and have the utmost respect for eventers but my love lies in dressage.

The last photo is of me coaching a student of mine at a local show. I really love to teach and coach and really want to get back to riding again. I love teaching, helping riders and horses connect, relax, work together and be happy.

One thing making me happy these days besides my friends is the cat sitting next to me now. It is the neighbor’s cat who recently decided I was pretty cool to hang out with at night. She waits for me to get off work and then hangs with me for ten minutes to a couple of hours.
I hope you are enjoying the beginning of spring. Have a great Friday!! Thanks as always for reading.



5 thoughts on “Looking Back & Forward

  1. Daffodils are coming up here too! There is a house I always check to get my first dose of spring, they have a lovely display of spring bulbs and they are the first to come up! Hyacinths and tulips are starting to open up too. I’ve spent several happy days out in the yard, cleaning up, composting, putting out the yard critters and furniture. It is a happy time for me, but always flies by so fast…….before you know it, we will be into summer. We are looking forward to our vacation to Yellowstone this summer, hoping to see the wolves this time!
    We have not yet spotted our resident osprey (at least we consider it ours!), hopefully she will be back this year, but I have found two great horned owl nests, with mama sitting on the nest. There is a nest in Estes Park that we are hoping to go up and see soon too.
    The lamb is adorable, there is not much that is cuter than a baby lamb!
    Happy Spring to you too!

  2. Hi, Becca! Love the daffodils. I have the tiny Tom Thumb variety coming up in front of the house. That sweet freckle-faced lamb is adorable! Yep, I do believe spring is on the way, thank goodness. I see blossom stalks on my bearded iris but no flowers yet. I saw a pileated woodpecker when I first moved to the house I am in now. I had to sit very still because he was rather shy, but he finally came out from behind the tree trunk he was hiding behind. What a sight to behold! Thanks for all the lovely pictures. They really brightened my day. Later, alligator!

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