A Rambling Saturday & Cosmos





I’ve been enjoying the night sky the last few weeks. I look forward to Jupiter shining bright along with Sirius and Orion. The full moon tonight was amazing. I was at a job waiting for the animals to finish eating, as the sun was setting in the west with beautiful colors the full moon was rising in the east. I’ve been trying to teach myself sections of the sky each month. I think I’m getting better. The best tonight was standing outside observing the sky and the full moon while listening to the spring peeper frogs call. They are my all time favorite spring noise.

One of my best friends took the pictures of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge as she was flying into BWI. I always loved the way the bridge looked. I enjoy driving over the eastbound span but every so often the westbound span unnerves me. I think it is because I can see through the sides of the bridge and the long climb to the top of the bridge before you head down to the curve in the bridge. The eastbound span I can’t see through the sides and the climb to the top is quick. I often feel as my dad did when he crossed the eastbound span he was home even though it was still another half hour drive to our town. I like the picture my friend took as you can ship passing under the bridge. Sometimes when I cross the bridge there are as many as twelve ships lined up anchored waiting for the pilots to take the up the bay into Baltimore.

When I was feeding hay to some horses today I heard a thunk. My first thought was damn that was big rock baled in that hay. I was shocked to find it was an egg a chicken had laid on the bale and I had not seen. Surprisingly it did not break or crack. Go figure. Drop a carton from the grocery store they all break, this one fell hard and I really thought it was a rock. The picture of the egg I have shown is of another egg I found with the hay not the one that fell.

I decided that the man who recently came back into my life after a lengthy absence is best kept as a friend. I enjoy having many friends. I want to make sure whomever I decide to date makes me happy as I do them. And being the Gemini I am I need communication. I hate having to read minds.

I found the sweet spring flowers in a yard where I pet sit. I love them. I’ve been waiting for the daffodils to bloom but I think it may be another week. Today it was sixty five degrees out tomorrow night we are expecting six inches of snow. Just as nice as the spring flowers was running into a man walking his dog, we chatted for a minute or so. We’ve passed each other for the past year or so walking dogs. He is always walking his dogs while I’m walking others dogs. He makes me smile as do his dogs.

Have you seen the show Cosmos? The first in the series was last week. It was great. I remember watching Carl Sagan’s original Cosmos as a child and being inspired. If you get a chance do check it out!

And so you don’t think I am all nerd/geek I’m heading out this coming weekend to see the new Muppet movie. I love the Muppets.

I hope you have a great weekend and upcoming week. Happy St Patrick’s Day if you celebrate it. I hope spring is coming soon to where you live or fall if you are in the Southern Hemisphere. Thanks for hanging in on this rambling blog post.

5 thoughts on “A Rambling Saturday & Cosmos

  1. I really enjoy reading your blog, hearing about your horse and dog activities. I am also a lover of both but have only a dog, a four year old Cardigan corgi and she is fun. Your photos are nice to view also. Happy Saint Patrick’s day.

  2. Spring is on it’s way here too, I saw my first crocuses blooming yesterday! Here in Colorado though spring means hot weather, cold weather, rain, thunder storms, and snow! I am hoping for many more warmer days, I am so ready!
    I hope you find peace with your decision about your friend.
    Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to you too!

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