Assateague Island. & Other Thoughts






I went to Assateague Island recently with a good friend. This time we explored the southern end of the park. We walked from the state park to the national park. When we started at the state park we came upon a few people enjoying the beach with their dogs. I loved watching some of the dogs chase the waves. The people and dogs exuded such joy. There is something about the ocean and beach that bring peace and happiness. It was quite breezy and ten degrees cooler at the beach than it was at home. We walked for about an hour and a half. We never passed another person after we passed the people and their dogs. We ran into people at the national park. Some people were riding horses on the beach. We saw some of the wild horses on the beach and grazing in the national park’s parking lot. We decided to walk back on the path that runs parallel to the road. Apparently not many people do this given all the looks we were given by passing drivers. As we walked back along the road we both admitted to the other that we had wanted to turn back sooner but neither wanted to tell the other.

I have been busy on the weekends at a farm job caring for horses, chickens and sheep. The black sheep above is the grand old dame of the farm. She is very sweet but a bit frail. My boss at the farm has been showing me how to care for the sheep-ewes and lambs. She is a true sheep whisperer. She moves through the herd quietly and the sheep gravitate to her rather than flee as they tend to do with people they do not know. I learned about bottle feeding some lambs.

If I ever get my own place or live with a generous soul I would love to have my own flock of chickens. I enclosed the picture of two of my favorites. The brown hen tends to be camera shy and usually walks away when I try to take pictures. I happened to catch her roosting with her buddy.

I’m not sure which I have been enjoying more-photographing flowers or the sunsets. I chase sunsets and have been learning extra patience with blooming flowers. Waiting for them to bloom, waiting for the right light and hoping the dogs I walk will cooperate while I try to get the pictures.

I hope you have a beautiful Friday!

2 thoughts on “Assateague Island. & Other Thoughts

  1. We have a “chicken coincidence”–just yesterday for the first time in the many years that I have lived in my house I went up the street to a family egg farm (about 100 chickens definitely free roaming) and got a dozen eggs. They were brown, white, and blue! Would love to have chickens of my own but with these hens so handy I think I can do without a bit longer.

  2. I am playing catch up on my computer and loved taking a virtual trip to the beach with you! I love chickens too…there is something “down home” about them…they remind me of real farm life…and sadly of fried chicken and mashed potatoes…what my grandmother fixed us when she lived on a farm!….it does seem that chickens fit in with aunts and grandmothers and chit chat and living day by day! Thanks for this trip too! Jane

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