Happiness and No Regrets




It has been a long but prosperous and happy few weeks since I last posted here. First, many thanks to everyone who follows my blog, checks it out and accidentally gets here. Two days ago I passed 18,000 views on my blog. I can hardly believe it. I’m not the most prolific blogger but I do appreciate each and everyone who takes the time to stop by. With the millions of blogs out there it makes me happy people enjoy mine.

I have been very busy walking dogs , caring for cats and working at a farm on the weekends for a couple of hours each day. The top sunrise picture I took this morning when out walking two dogs who decided 5:30am was a good time to get up. It was beautiful and the dogs were quiet for me to take the picture. The second picture I took while walking another dog this morning through the streets and alleys of my town. I had never walked down this alley and was shocked to find beautiful gardens in the alley. I was in heaven in an alley.

The bottom picture is a newborn lamb and it’s mom this morning. When I arrived at the farm I saw the afterbirth of the lamb in the barn and went looking for Mom and baby. They were hiding behind the hay feeder. I picked up baby and lead mom to the lambing stall to feed mom and care for the lamb. Most of the lambs I pick up after being born kind of relax when I pick them up to move them. Not this lamb, she kicked and fought with me the whole time I moved her which was only about fifteen yards. Mom was very laid back. I actually feel comfortable caring for the newborns and new moms now.

Life has been good. I’m looking forward to my forty fifth birthday at the beginning of June. Treating myself to the complete X-Files dvd series. I love that show. I’m hoping to be dating by then but I’ll see. I have two I’m hopeful for. All in all as I approach forty five I have no regrets. I try to live my life that way and to laugh a lot.

Have a beautiful Sunday evening. I love hearing from everyone and hope to write more this week.

8 thoughts on “Happiness and No Regrets

  1. May your birthday be special and continue to bring you all the joy and happiness shining thru in each of your photos. thanks for bringing joy and light with each post! At age 59, I can promise that each birthday brings lots of love and wisdom. All the best! Teri

  2. Well, Becca, I’ll wish you a big Happy Birthday now, before my brain goes on to something else.

    I really love your blog, and relax into it every time I read it. So real, so connected…a gift to us out here. Thanks for your sharing your life.

  3. Hi, Becca!

    An early happy B-day to you! Hope you have a lovely special day.

    That lamb sure is a cutie pie. And the irises are lovely. They are one of my favorite flowers. I have a bunch blooming right now that I planted intermixed with each other, a light blue and a heavenly deep blue, almost purple. They really make each other pop in color. . .that contrast.

    I, too, am an X-file fan. I watch the reruns whenever I see them on cable. Nice to known I am not alone.

    Take care,

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