Changes, History & Elderly Sheep






Over the past two weekends my job caring for the sheep has shifted from the consuming care of the ewes and lambs to the care of the elderly sheep. I do love caring for the old ladies. The ones I have chosen to share are all ten years or older. They move slower and have a dignified grace about them. One or two of the old ladies come up for ear scratches or a little tlc. I do enjoy that time and find my soul slowing down and taking everything in. It is a quiet exchange we have. I wonder if they look forward to it as much as I do. A lot of people adore the lambs and their innocent cuteness but for me I love the wisdom and grace of the elderly sheep.

My life is beginning to take another direction as I may have to move due to the property being for sale. I have been talking to and asking most everyone I know if they know of any rentals. I do not wish to live in an apartment building with people on either side. I’ve done that before and as much as I liked it in some places it was a nightmare at others. I have little fear over the move as I usually tend to land on my feet but every so often I can feel the panic rising in me and have to fight to not let it takeover. So far I’ve been successful in keeping my fears away. As I look around my apartment I realize I need to purchase a couple more bookcases if I move as now I have many neat piles of books that will not fit into my current bookcases. Books and knowledge are my addictions. If I do move I hope to find a place with a kitchen larger than the last two I’ve had. I love to cook but have been limited in my last two places.

The last two pictures I took on my travels today between pet sitting jobs. It was a beautiful day and I loved every minute. The picture of the creek is a tributary of the Tuckahoe River. It us not far from where Frederick Douglass was born. As I drive through the area at night I often think about the Underground Railroad. It is so dark at night without the moon and much of the Tuckahoe still looks as it did many years ago. Over the years I have worked at different estates on the shore whose history goes back a couple hundred years. As I work and walk over the grounds I wonder about the history, people and the land. What secrets does it hold and how much we have to learn from all of it.

I hope you have a good Sunday without any fears. A Sunday of peace and the pursuit of knowledge. Blessings to everyone.

7 thoughts on “Changes, History & Elderly Sheep

  1. I will send out very positive thoughts to Whoever listens out there, that your living ‘needs’ will be met in the happiest of ways.
    Your blog nurtures me every time. You deserve a good space.

  2. I love your peaceful spirit and what you have to say about working with the old lady ewes…I am feeling more like an old lady and I would like to think there is value in that! Good luck with your move. I hope you find an even better “home”. I have moved many times and perhaps your packing can involve a slow clean and pack process so when you arrive, it will all feel new and clean. That used to be my best time to get everything washed and polished and properly sorted and organized. I do appreciate the work that it is and wish you plenty of support!

  3. The pictures of the sheep are so calming, almost meditative. I wish you the best with the possible move and keeping your fears at bay. Best wishes.

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