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I made a commitment to myself a month ago to write at least one blog post a week. Seeing how my last post was dated May 26 I am not doing very well on my writing. I took a week off from my nighttime job in the beginning of June. I found myself sleeping quite a bit, enjoying my 45th birthday and fulfilling a childhood dream. I was able to visit Country Life Farm here in Maryland. It is the oldest thoroughbred breeding farm in the state. I had planned a day trip to visit some friends in Harford County and discovered the farm was in the same town. Thinking of my father as I emailed the farm the night before my trip I was astonished that they answered first thing in the morning to say yes I could visit that day. I thought they would say no as it was last minute, not all farms want visitors and they do not know me. My dad would have been proud-he taught me to ask and see what happens. A few years back I never would have contacted the farm for a tour. My friend thankfully was agreeable to the farm visit-her daughter owns horses. We arrived at the farm a few minutes early and had a wonderful conversation with the farm secretary. She hooked us up with one of the managers who invited is to tag along as they were in the process of bringing in the mares and foals out of the midday heat. It was a hilly farm and the mares foals were very laid back, especially with the foals not being much older than a month to two months. My friend stayed in the mare and foal barn while I followed the farm workers back to the pasture to watch them bring in the final set of horses. After everyone was in out of the heat we headed on a wider tour of the farm. It included the breeding shed, foaling stalls – one of which the champion Cigar was foaled in and the stallion barn. The stallions like the mares and foals were fairly laid back. One stud was a little more active but for the most part they were happy to eat their hay. As I said this was fulfilling a dream of mine, I had read both of Josh Pons’ books, followed the farm growing up reading the Maryland Horse Magazine and had always wanted to visit. Everyone on the farm could not have been more gracious and kind. I thanked them profusely when we were getting ready to leave. They thanked me just as much for calling ahead and not just showing up at the farm unannounced. I could not imagine doing that and was told many people show up at the office and want a tour. I was in seventh heaven after the visit.

I have been working hard on my friendships and relationships and realized in some of my friendships I am tired of the way some of them were going and may need to move on. It gets tiring always being the one to call, text and keep in contact with the other when very little attempt is made by the other. My cousin Laura called me over this past weekend to meet in St Michaels. I was unable to attend her wedding and really wanted to meet her wife. We had a fabulous visit and I was glad we could meet.

I have been taking hundreds of photos of magnolia flowers, sheep and my crown jewel is catching a bee in flight. I love photographing the sheep. They are for the most part used to my being in their face with my camera. Even the chickens are becoming tolerant of me shoving my camera in their faces up close and personal.

I hope to continue my work on becoming debt free, developing better relationships and finding more time to meditate. I find meditation has been helping me more and more.

I hope you have a great Friday. Many thanks for stopping by. I’d love to hear of anything you may be working on in your life if you wish to share. I really enjoy hearing from everyone.

Blessings and Namaste

2 thoughts on “Country Life Farm, Friendships & Progress

  1. Becca,
    I always love your posts, no matter the length of time between or the content.
    Your photos are always beautiful and interesting.
    It’s always an important time in one’s life when the urge for change comes from within, rather than being thrust upon you and shoved in your face. Find your bliss and go with it. Good lessons will follow.
    Thanks for sharing.

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