Great Chesapeake Balloon Festival












Despite the rain earlier in the day and now there was a brief period in which no rain fell. There was an abbreviated balloon festival tonight. Only three balloons were set up when we got there. One packed up but these two gave tethered rides. There was a long line for the balloon in the first picture. Lots of families with shall children went up about one hundred feet, hung there and then descended. Apparently rain is not good for the balloons. There were supposed to be fifteen balloons with eight to lift off and the other seven remaining for the glow. It was good to see the three balloons and to be so close to them. You could hear the people speaking in the balloons, the flame and it was just wonderful. I’m glad my friend Jenn always wants to go with me. It was really beautiful.

Half the pictures were taken by me and half by Jenn.

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