Friday Morning Thoughts





It was once again fantastic to be back home. I really enjoyed my pet sitting jobs the last few weeks. The picture of the horse’s muzzle is from one of the jobs. She was an independent soul but a bit of a mush too. I love to care for horses. This was a nice set up with the house and barn on the same property. The lamb in the last picture was the only one brave enough to come up while I was filling the trough. I have not had much interaction with the lambs and ewes since about May. Funny how I helped some of them right after their birth and fed the ewes twice a day. I could stand at the barn door and yell come on and they run to me. Now they see me differently and not really sure what I’m about. The elderly ewes on the other hand love to see me, make the trek to see me when I arrive and call to me when I enter the field.

My nighttime job has been very busy. This week I filled in for a coworker. It has been an interesting week. I was in so much pain after Monday and felt so old. Thankfully things got better Tuesday and the rest of the week. I enjoyed interacting with workers I don’t always get a chance to talk with and learned a lot working with the many different personalities. One employee took a shine to me. I almost burst out laughing when he flirted with me. It had been so long since someone flirted with me. That and being one of the few woman at work I know I’m not what most of the men find attractive. To them I’m just one of the guys which is good and bad. Sometimes they forget I am a woman and don’t need to hear all of their smack or what scantily clad woman they encountered in their day. Anyhow it was nice to have someone notice me and flirt. I was pretty flustered.

I am looking forward to a day off tomorrow to get my car worked on, possibly do a local tour and attend a balloon festival. I can’t wait. Hopefully the storm holds off.

Many thanks for stopping by. I enjoy everyone who likes, comments and reads my blog.

2 thoughts on “Friday Morning Thoughts

  1. The special feel of running your hand down the muzzle of a horse. No other feel like it. It has been a while and that struck me seeing the first photo. Thank You.

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