Sunsets, Perspective and Home





Sunsets have always drawn me in with the dazzling colors that are sometimes displayed. I look forward to the stars and planets appearing after the sun goes down. Most people are excited by sunrises but to me and what I went through in the past, sunrises meant defeat and the beginning of a struggle to get through the day. I was never a morning person. I’m a night soul.

I find myself eagerly scanning the skies the hour prior to sunset to see if it will be a grand display of color. This past weekend I pointed out a sundog to a friend. I love watching the sun dance behind clouds as it heads towards to horizon. Over the past week the sunsets have been amazing. My coworkers laugh at me running outside and trying to get photos of the sky. It is a little bit of a challenge as the company I work for does not want any photos published of their facility or equipment.

I often want to draw or paint the sunsets. But most of my drawings end up looking like Rothkos without the price attached. I may look I to exploring it more. A friend of mine has challenged me to take pictures from a different view point. I love the photos he shares with me and find myself studying them with interest.

I am so happy to be home again. Sleeping in your own bed is delightful. I’m looking forward to settling in and doing things about the house. Hope you are checking out the sunsets and stars too.

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